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The Cabinet of Curiosities

Today’s video is from one of our Emerging Voices students Nina Lockwood. It’s a sharing of a “memory pagoda” she created as part of the program, evoking new futures by revisiting the past.

What’s A Morning Ramble?

This week’s video is the first of a new series I’m creating on Instagram. If you want the short version, it’s a collection of mostly daily rambles about the world and its wife designed to serve as conversation starters and creative catalysts for your day. I hope you enjoy it!

What Really Needs to Change?

What Really Needs to Change?

This week’s video is an exploration of why changing circumstances, behavior, and even beliefs rarely leads to the kind of life changes people want (and what does).

What About The Physical Symptoms

In this week’s video my apprentice turned colleague Nicola Bird points us upstream to our “psychological immune system” and how a little bit of understanding goes a long, long way towards helping us go beyond anxiety to “a little peace of mind”.

What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

This week’s video is excerpted from the A Whole New Way of Thinking About Decision Making video program. It’s an exploration of how easy it can be to navigate our lives when we understand the black and white nature of our own knowing.

Is Enjoying Yourself Good for Business?

In this week’s video George Pransky and I use sports metaphors (shocking, I know :-) to explore the myths behind what it takes to succeed and how freeing your mind leads to high performance and optimal results.

What it Means to Be in Love

This week’s video picks up on the theme of how connection and care are natural and only feel unnatural when we mistake our thinking about other people for the people themselves.

The Limited Usefulness of Fear

This week’s video is a quick hit exploration of how you can become more fearless through a deeper understanding of what fear is and where it comes from.

What’s on Offer

This week’s video features Supercoach Academy faculty members Stef Cybichowski, Wyn Morgan, Marina Galan, and Fiona Jacob. It’s taken from one of over 120 hours of video and audio programs now available in the all new Supercoach Cafe.

Returning to Presence

This week’s video continues the theme but comes at it in a slightly different way, pointing out that the experience of flow so many of us crave in our work and life is a natural function of presence.

Path of the Soul

This week’s video introduces one of the topics in our upcoming 3 week deep dive, Living Insightfully. It’s an exploration of the three paths people take through life, and why the path of the soul is inevitably the one people take if they’re fortunate enough to even know it’s a possibility.

Reality vs Illusion

This week’s video is taken from the Coaching from the Inside-Out self-study program. It’s an exploration of why reverse engineering is inevitably a poor substitute for creating from the space where miracles happen.