The Journey to Mastery

In this week’s video I share the three stages of the journey to mastery regardless of your profession and a more realistic time frame than most of us make believe we should be able to achieve.

A Fresh Look at Creativity

In this week’s video I expand on how creativity is more about our relationship with a pre-existing creative force than it is a particular talent or genetic coding that some of us have and others don’t.

Thought vs. Thinking

This week’s video highlights some of the differences between traditional ways of thinking about thinking and offers up a whole new way of thinking about Thought.

Quantum Productivity

George Pransky and I introduce an essential distinction that allows people to think about the difference that makes the difference in our effectiveness in a whole new way.

Learning to Succeed

George Pransky and I share some thoughts on the relevance of the three principles and “learning curves”​ in creating more of what we want in our lives and in the world.

How the Mind Works

In this week’s video I share the critical piece of understanding that helps people go from good to great in pretty much anything and everything they do.

The Ultimate Answer

Syd Banks shares the “point” of the principles and the simplicity of life beyond our thoughts in his own inimitable style.