The Master Game

The difference between doing things to decorate the inside of our “egg” and doing things in order to “hatch”.

How to Not Be a Mor(e)on

In this week’s video, I offer up a more visual representation (thanks, Cathy Casey!) ​of our tendency to overthink things and how to stop.

Mentored by Mind

In this video I do my best to point to the relevance of our spiritual nature to the quality of our relationships, our success at work, and the way we live our lives.

Quantum Productivity

How it is that sometimes we can work our fingers to the bone without making any noticeable progress yet at other times one or two well-placed actions lead to exponential results?

A Fresh Way of Thinking About Goals

Dr. Aaron Turner and I share what we’ve seen about the nature of goals and thought that’s at the heart of both his work in businesses and my work with clients and Creating the Impossible program.

Choosing your Impossible Project

This week’s video was recorded live yesterday as the jumping off point for Creating the Impossible 2017. I share how to find a project to work on that will not only ​capture your imagination but also bring forth a deeper connection with your creative potential…