What are the Three Principles?

In this week’s video, I share my latest attempt at articulating the Three Principles the heart of my work- what they are, why they matter, and how they work to create our experience of life.

On Exploring

This week’s video, taken from a talk I gave at the recent 3PGC conference, I share the difference between searching, re-searching, and exploration as metaphors for different approaches to learning and the different results they produce.

Why Changing Your Grounding Changes Everything

If you’ve been around the Three Principles conversation for any length of time, you’ve heard people talk about “grounding” – this video will begin to make sense for you of what it is and why it matters as much as it does.

Our Human Nature

In this week’s video, my friend and mentor Elsie Spittle shares her thoughts on our very human nature, honoring the temple of our being, and how well we’re made.

Our Job is to Be Human

This week’s video, taken from Supercoach Academy 2014, explores the difference between between approaching life as a superhero and approaching it as a human being.

Reality vs. Illusion

In ​this week’s video, I ​talk about the limits of reverse engineering as a formula for happiness and success, and why falling in love with reality will bring you everything you want in life and more.

Talk to Me

The week’s video includes the highlights of my son interviewing me for the Huffington Post’s #TalktoMe series, and includes questions like “What was your most profound spiritual experience?”