Getting Unstuck

In this week’s video, George Pransky and I talk about how natural it is to get stuck from time to time and ​the ​utter and inevitable ​simplicity of getting unstuck.

Why the World Really Can Change

In this week’s video, my colleague Mara Gleason and I share a hopeful understanding of the world’s problems – where they come from and how we’ll solve them.

Looking for Wisdom

In this week’s video I talk about wisdom, that deeper knowing we have access to and how easy it can be to overlook it.

Beyond Empowerment

In this week’s video I speak to the difference between Transformative Coaching and more traditional “Empowerment Coaching”. I also write a pop song and sing it. Kind of…

A Story About Thought

One of my favorite stories about the power of glimpsing the illusory nature of thought. It features snakes, fear, and our amazing capacity within us to see through our own thinking to the deeper wisdom and health within…

Snow Globes All the Way Down

While not much gets done in the outside world without putting in the hours, when it comes to our own spiritual growth, too much “doing” is usually part of the problem, not the solution.

The Dragon Story

This week’s video is the animated version of The Dragon Story, and old one but it’s still fun to watch :-)

Touching the Space Within

In this week’s video I share my experience of the touching the “space within”. That place inside us which we could also call our “true identity”.  

Human Connection

This week’s video explores how a deeper understanding of the principles behind the human experience lead us to connect more easily and impact others more profoundly.