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It’s Kind of Fun to Be Human

In this week’s video I share some thoughts on why we really do what we do and what is (and isn’t) worth role modeling to your clients, peers, and children.

What if I’m Really Not OK?

This week’s video  is taken from a FB live by Amir Karkouti. If you don’t know Amir, he is a restaurateur, author, and founder of the popular FB group What the F#%& are the Principles?. I’ve had the pleasure of watching Amir get his own unique voice out into the world in his own unique ways over the past few years, and I think you’ll enjoy his direct and simple take on things.

Getting Intimate with the Creative Potential

I explore a similar theme in this week’s video. It’s taken from our brand-new online program, Falling in Love with Writing, and over the course of a couple of short dialogues I point to the infinite creative potential and how we get more or less in the way of it in our work. (As with much of my live work, this one was filmed in a room full of adults and contains adult language!)

What’s On Offer – Falling in Love with Writing

This week’s video is taken from my brand new online program with Steve Chandler, Falling in Love with Writing: A Conversation in 50 Chapters. In it, we talk about becoming a better writer (regardless of what kind of writing you’re trying to do), information vs. transformation, and what it means to fall in love.

Getting What You Want on Planet Earth

In today’s video, Dr. George Pransky and I speak about how understanding what’s true for all people about pursuing their dreams takes the pressure off you to be exceptional – literally “the exception to the rule”.

Do YOU see where your experience is coming from?

This week’s video focuses on how the key to our impact with others is pretty much always down to our own grounding. The more you see, the easier it is to point others in a helpful direction (and ironically, the less you usually need to).

A Fresh Way of Thinking About Goals

If you go back and forth between thinking goals are the key to success and thinking that they’re the enemy of wellbeing, I think you’ll find it six of the most useful minutes of your day.

The Miracle of Consciousness

This week’s video was filmed on Salt Spring island by one of our Supercoach Academy graduates and mentor coaches, Marina Galan. It also begins with a story of someone dealing with cancer, but quickly transcends the personal and explores what it is to become truly aware of the miracle of life itself.

The Tapestry

In this week’s video, my friend Anita Moorjani shares her own experience of waking up to “the simulation” during her NDE.

XCF 531

In this week’s video you can enjoy an animated story that speaks to why it is that no matter how beautiful our experience of living in tune with our deeper self may be, we inevitably forget ourselves and drift back up into our logical, conceptual mind.

On Love and Fear

In this week’s video, bestselling author Anita Moorjani discusses what she learned during her near-death experience about the non-existence of fear and the continual presence of love. (You can join us for a brand new live/live-streaming program this September called Finding Freedom: A Get Out of Jail Free Card for your Life!)

It’s All Clouds

In this week’s video, It’s All Clouds, you’ll see why a cloud shaped like a dragon is no more or less significant than a cloud shaped like a puppy – and why that’s significant in the way we experience our lives.