The Brilliance of the Design

In this week’s video, I speak to another aspect of what I see as The Brilliance of the Design – the self-correcting nature of our thought/feeling system. After spending much of the first 40 years of my life trying to control my emotions, it came as a bit of a revelation to see that when I took my hands of the wheel of my own thinking, my feelings took care of themselves.

A Different Way of Thinking About Business

This week’s video illustrates how differently we approach our work if we’re coming from insecurity or we’re coming from inspiration. It also serves as an introduction to a brand new three week program I’ll be running this May called A Whole New Way of Thinking About Business.

Snorting Positive Thoughts

This week’s video is taken from last weekend’s launch of the 8 month Genius Catalyst Program. While I will admit to having used positive thoughts recreationally in the past, it’s been more than ten years since I deliberately snorted one. (That will make sense if you watch the video – promise!)

Plugging Into Creative Genius

In this week’s video I share a simple analogy for why we seem to have a genius for some things but not others, along with an even simpler solution that allows us to “plug back in” to our innate creative genius.

The Path of the Soul

This week’s video, I’m sharing a session from one of our online self-study programs, Living from the Inside-Out. In it I explore the three paths people can take through life – the victim’s path, the empowered path, and the path of the soul.

Getting Started

Today’s video is the first of a seven day video jumpstart series I created to accompany Creating the Impossible. In it I share a simple rule of thumb for getting the most out of ​yourself while playing the game of creation and the three keys to creating the impossible in your life and work.

Getting What You Want on Planet Earth

In today’s video, Dr. George Pransky and I speak about how understanding what’s true for all people about pursuing their dreams takes the pressure off you to be exceptional – literally “the exception to the rule”.

A Fresh Look at Creativity

In this week’s video I define creativity as “our relationship with the creative force”, and go on to explore the implications of that in how we approach our lives and work whether we think of ourselves as “creative” or not.

Insight vs. Information

Today’s video offers a simple distinction at the heart of why models and constructs can never give us the same benefit as what we actually see.

Doing More of What You Love

Today’s video continues the exploration of why loving what you do is one of the absolute keys to doing it better. It’s taken from a weekend seminar for entrepreneurs I did with Dr. George Pransky.

The Nature of Creation

This week’s video is taken from the Creating the Impossible Jumpstart video series, available as part of Creating the Impossible 2019