Why We Do What We Do

In this week’s video I explore how our underlying premises in business hold us back from making money and our underlying premises about the world make it a difficult thing to change.

Thought, Chronic Illness, and a Story of Hope

In this week’s video, two more of my past apprentices and mentees, John El-Mokadem and Karen DiMarco, share a bit of their story and insights gleaned from their life-changing work sharing the inside-out understanding and the foundations of health

Can a TEDx Talk Really Change the World?

For this week’s video, I continue the conversation about our shared humanity in Can a TEDx Talk Really Change the World?, recorded just outside Zurich last December as part of the student-led TEDx HSG. In hindsight I think it starts a bit slowly, but once it gets going it’s pretty much the best job I’ve ever done at pointing to who we all are before our separate realities get created.

A Conversation with an Alien about Money

This week’s video is adapted from last week’s blog and was filmed live as part of this past weekend’s Genius Catalyst Intensive. It’s a bit of a laugh but packs a surprising punch if you watch all the way to the end.

The Truth About Money

This week’s video is taken from our new Financial Freedom from the Inside-Out program This is a brand new 30+ session self-coaching program featuring me alongside Steve Chandler. We’ve designed it as an opportunity to transform your relationship with your finances and take a fresh look at how much easier it might be to make money than you think. 

It’s All Hip Hop and Opera

In this week’s video, one of my coaching apprentices turned colleagues Nicola Bird shares some thoughts on how recognizing the nature of our busy minds can liberate us from anxiety and lead to what she describes in her soon to be released first book with Hay House, A Little Peace of Mind.

Why We Forget How Reality is Created

In this week’s video I use the analogy of being on a film set to explain how transformative coaching offers so much more to clients than just helping them to perform better and reach their goals.

Can a TEDx Talk Really Change the World?

I didn’t want to do another TED event until I knew I had a fresh idea worth spreading, and for me, this one speaks less to the specifics of what I share in the world than to why I think it’s so important for it to be shared.

What is Transformative Coaching?

This week’s video is taken from the Supercoach Self-Coaching Program and points to the impact of learning more about the principles behind the inside-out understanding in both our personal and professional lives.

Becoming Discouragement Proof

This week’s video is taken from a recent Supercoach Academy and speaks to how seeing through our thought-created realities allows us to thrive, even when things aren’t going the way we’d like or are taking longer than we had hoped.

Mer’s Last Lecture

In the video, Emerging Voices graduate, Mer Monson, shares her “last lecture to the world”. It’s sweet, funny, moving, life-affirming, and a testimony to how the true purpose of life may simply be a life well-lived.