The Ultimate Answer

This week’s video is a brief excerpt from one of my favorite Syd Banks videos, in it he talks about what we’re all looking for in life and how to find it.

Quantum Productivity

​In this week’s video ​I share my personal definition of creativity and the two key elements to unleashing it in your world.

Expanding Knowing, not Knowledge

When we see how all good things flow from our embodied understanding (i.e. “feel”) for things, we naturally focus more on expanding our knowing and less on accumulating knowledge.

The “X-factor” for Predicting the Future

This week’s video, taken from the Obstacle Course to Success, picks up on one of the key points in the blog and demonstrates why our “power of prophecy” is vastly overrated and the implications of that in how we live our lives.

Getting in the Game

This week’s video, expands on the metaphor from the blog and how life assists us in creating cool stuff in the world. It’s taken from our upcoming Supercoach self-coaching program, available for pre-order now…

Beyond the Fear of Death

In this week’s video Anita Moorjani shares a metaphor for how we get bogged down by fear and the one thing we need to do to come back to life. 

The Tapestry

  This week's video features Anita Moorjani and is taken from our online program Experiencing God. In it, she shares what she saw about the nature of life during her near death experience that ultimately led to the disappearance of...

Why We Forget How Reality Gets Created

This week’s video is taken from a recent Supercoach Academy session and compares the experience of learning about the principles with watching a sex scene be filmed in a movie. It actually makes mores sense when you watch it… :-)

 The Possibility of the Principles

This week’s video is taken from a talk I gave with Dr. Aaron Turner at a 3PGC conference back in 2013. I make the distinction between the principles as a field and as an understanding, and share a metaphor to explain why I think staying fresh with our sharing of the understanding is ultimately more important than trying to grow the field.