Insight vs. Information

In this week’s video, excerpted from the Coaching from the Inside-Out self study program, I explain why I don’t encourage note taking and where the true value in any learning experience actually comes from.

Loving Yourself

This week’s video is one of my favorite excerpts from the Experiencing God online program where Anita Moorjani and I dive deep into not only how to love yourself in a “non-icky” way but also the unexpected benefits of having an ego.

The G-Word

​​​This week’s video ​is ​taken from the Experiencing God online program and features an exploration of both why people have such strong reactions to the word “God” and what those reactions can get in the way of our seeing and experiencing.​

On Love and Fear

This week’s video ​is the first of a series of excerpts I’ll be sharing from the Anita Moorjani program. In it, Anita and I explore the relationship between love and fear and why “disappearing fear” is actually the most natural thing in the world.

Taxes from the Inside Out

In this week’s video I share how even something as seemingly “real” as taxes are completely made into mountains or molehills by the power of thought.

Weight Loss for the Mind

This week’s video is taken from a masterclass I gave for my mentee Karen DiMarco’s wonderful Weightless program.  In this clip, I share my pondering about why the only weight we need to lose might just be the weight of the world.

Morality vs. Structure

​In this week’s video I share a couple of stories about what I learned about the deeper nature of integrity from my dad.

Why is the G-word Such a Big Deal?

In this week’s video you can watch a clip from the video program where Anita and I explore our own (and the world’s) discomfort with talking about “God” as a way of pointing to the infinite.

Why the World Really Can Change

This week’s video is taken from a talk I gave in New York City with my friend and colleague Mara Gleason Olsen. As the title suggests, it’s an exploration of why the world can not only change, but changing it might well be easier than we think.

The Creative Potential of Mind

In this week’s video I point to how sometimes what we think of as our strengths are what’s actually in the way of our tapping in to our deeper potential for creative expression and productivity.

Our Human Nature

In this week’s video my mentor and colleague Elsie Spittle shares her insights into how both our spiritual nature and human nature are essential parts of the oneness of life.

You Don’t Have to Be Afraid to Feel Stuff

In this week’s video I share how a deeper understanding of where our experience is coming from eliminates the fear of being human. And as Syd Banks said, “If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their own experience, that alone would change the world.”