Low Pressure, High Reward

An excerpt from A Whole New Way of Thinking about High Performance, and it’s the story of how my own insights into the relationship between pressure and performance have impacted my life for the better.

Doing More of What You Love

In this week’s video, George Pransky and I talk about how enjoyment and intensity are at the heart of business success. We also explore how blurring the distinction between “amateur” and “professional” lets you experience the best of both worlds.

Slowing Down from the Inside Out

In this week’s video I share the story of how I began to see that my fears about what a stress-free life would look like were based on a complete misunderstanding of what stress is and where it comes from.

The Cure for Shyness

In this weeks video my friend and colleague Dr. Dicken Bettinger shares a story taken from the Inner Circle archives about how one young man learned about the power of Thought in a very practical and incredibly uplifting way. 

Why We Forget How Reality is Created

In this weeks video, excerpted from the Supercoach Academy archives, I share my take on how even after we learn about the principles behind the human experience, we still find ourselves lost in it on a regular basis…

TAXES from the Inside-Out

What if your taxes weren’t as big a problem as you think they are? In this week’s video, I share how we’re never up against what we think we’re up against – we’re up against what we think!

Thought vs Thinking

This week’s video continues the exploration of freedom vs. control by distinguishing the difference between the thinking that we are endlessly attempting to control via affirmation and positivity programming from the energy of Thought which creates it.

Beyond Empowerment

This week’s video is taken from the Best of Supercoach Academy series and points to the essential difference between the empowerment model and transformation.

Getting Started

The first of a seven day video jumpstart series I created to accompany the book. In it I share a simple rule of thumb for getting the most out of ​yourself while playing the game of creation and the three keys to creating the impossible in your life and work.

The Nature of Creation

This week’s video is taken from the 7 Day Jumpstart series that accompanies the Creating the Impossible book. You’ll get information on how to access the video series in the back of the book.

Creating from Nothing

This week’s video​ is an exploration of the nature of creativity, the stages of the creative process, and how we can tap into more of our innate creative potential