May 6th-24th

A three week deep dive into the nature of business with Michael Neill.  Beginning on the 6th of May, we’ll meet online each day (Monday to Friday) at 8am pacific/11am eastern/4pm UK for three consecutive weeks. 

June 2nd-4th 2018

Annual 3P Conference in London 🇬🇧

June 5th 🇬🇧

Oneness: Exploring the Space Where Humanity and Divinity Collide, a one day event with Dicken Bettinger in London

June 6th-8th 🇬🇧

Small group coaching intensive with Michael Neill in London

September 9th-13th  NEW

A group intensive to explore the nature of creative expression

January-June 2020

 Over six months, I’ll be training 50 select people in the art and science of transformative coaching with the opportunity to qualify as a Certified Transformative Coach