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Do More Cool Stuff

Quiet Mind, Massive Action, Effortless Success


What if you could create more than you ever imagined without the constant stress and pressure associated with “high achievement”?

What if you could make more of a difference in the world while having a deeper, more meaningful experience of being alive?


This brand new 12 week interactive online program will combine videos, live webinars with me, and weekly “Action Days” designed to spotlight and ultimately eliminate the obstacles to creating seemingly effortless success in your life and work.

“Effortless” isn’t about the avoidance of physical work; it’s about an absence of mental struggle. And as we’ll explore together throughout this program, creating effortless success isn’t magic – it’s the natural result of approaching life from a place of profound well-being, listening for your inner GPS, and following it wherever it leads.

Whether you’re struggling to move forward, moving forward by struggling, or living life at peace in yourself (mostly) but wondering if and when you’re ever going to get in the game and make your dreams come true, this program is for you!

I have so loved, enjoyed, and been deeply impacted by Michael’s work and courses. I’ve pretty much bought all of them and continue to see more and go deeper every time I revisit them! I’m always excited about the next project Michael’s working on and can’t wait to get my hands on it! 

Jamil Hai,

Los Angeles

I have literally purchased every new product Michael puts out, and his way of sharing his understanding around our well-being has positively shifted my own life as well as my impact with others. His simple, conversational, and down to earth style feels like you are sitting with him and having a chat, not realizing that transformations are happening in the process from within. I have and will continue to recommend Michael to all my friends, colleagues, and clients.

Amir Karkouti

San Diego

Dates: September 6th – November 20th


  • Weekly Video – Sundays
  • Weekly Action Day – Mondays
  • Weekly Webinars with Michael – Tuesdays at 8am PT



I can’t recommend Michael Neill high enough. Being with him and immersing myself in his courses, at the very least, is more than a breath of fresh air; it’s a strong wind that uplifts the Soul. The material Michael puts out is addictive in a positive and healthy way. I just keep coming back for more. It never disappoints. There is always some new insight or understanding that in turn influences how I live my life with more ease and with a greater freedom to create myself in new and delightfully unexpected ways. Thank you Michael for shining a light on a whole new way of Being!

Jeff Kelton

The Do More Cool Stuff Mastermind

12 week business mastermind with Lynne Robertson

As an optional additon to the Do More Cool Stuff 12 week program, this smaller group business mastermind will be run by my partner in creation Lynne Robertson, who has been the catalyst behind my streamlining and massively expanding my business and brand over the past few years.


The mastermind includes the full Do More Cool Stuff program with me AND additional weekly webinars, monthly training half days and individual coaching with Lynne to help you gain a deeper understanding of the business of business, creativity, productivity and more.


Dates: September 6th – November 20th


  • Full 12 week online program with Michael Neill
  • Weekly Webinars with Lynne – Thursdays at 8am PT
  • Monthly practical training half days
  • One on one session with Lynne during the program


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