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“We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

-Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Life’s been pretty scary lately… or has it? What if fear isn’t a response to what’s happening in the world but rather a response to what’s happening inside your mind? What if it were possible to live, love, and work from a space beyond fear?

Over the course of 15 one hour sessions (Monday to Friday from the 1st – 19th of February), we’ll be exploring and experimenting with what it’s like to live fearlessly – that is, to show up and be in the world with nothing to fear and everything to play for.

Here’s what we’ll be exploring:

Week One: The Truth That Sets You Free

So much of the success literature, therapy, advertising, and self-help movement is built on the premise that there’s something wrong with you – that if you just changed your thinking, your behavior, your brand of shampoo, or your personality, then everything would be perfect and your life would finally begin to work in the way it’s supposed to. During our first week together, we’ll be exploring the truth of who we are and how well we’re made – and how nothing needs to change for us to experience less fear, more wellbeing, and greater success with less effort and more ease than ever before.

Week Two: Essential Selfishness

We’ve all heard that “in case of an emergency” we should put our own oxygen masks on first so that we can better take care of those around us. But for many of us, that means we don’t put ourselves first unless and until things have gotten pretty bad and we notice that we’re in danger of going down with the plane. Over the course of week two, we’ll take a deep dive into why selfishness has gotten such a bad rap over the years and how taking better care of yourself naturally leads to fearless living and caring more fully for others.


Week Three: Now What?

Have you noticed that things are just a wee bit up in the air at the moment? :-). Whether you’ve been waiting for things to “go back to normal” or excited about what new possibilities for life might emerge from the current disruption, in times of great uncertainty we have two choices. We can try to predict the future and work our butts off to make the best of things, or we can take advantage of our natural design to navigate by feel and create seemingly effortless success. In our third and final week together, we’ll be getting a feel for how our real-time responsive intelligence can work in harmony with our intellect to create positive futures by living more fully in the present moment and taking up residence in the space beyond fear.

Here’s how it works:

  • We’ll meet by videoconference for an hour Monday through Friday each week day at 8am PT / 11am  ET / 4pm UK starting on Monday 1st February
  • All sessions will be recorded and you’ll have lifetime access to the audio recordings.

Dates: February 1st – 19th

Cost: $99


Here’s what some participants of our other three week programs, had to say:

I am so glad I decided to do this course. There have been so many occasions in the last three weeks, listening to Michael’s voice, when I have found myself in a warm and peaceful state, and since then it has been easier to find that state again at will, almost anywhere, anytime. I had lost that for a while. What a gift! Thank you so much, Michael!

Thank you for many moments of welling up, laughter, inner peace, awe and wonder throughout these past three weeks. I truly believe these are the conversations we need to instill spiritual growth, hope and transcend boundaries. It is a whole new world I am awakening to. My utmost gratitude to you all.

“Wow. Is it only 3 weeks? My life has changed so much in this last 3 weeks it feels unrecognisable. Not just because of the advanced course – there’s been a lot of stuff going on in the background.

What I’ve got from this course is the grounding to stay stable and just keep on showing up each day. To see that while my world is falling apart, I’m not.

Seeing that when I open up to look at things in a new way, worlds do fall apart. They need to. And then they get rebuilt. Or maybe they don’t.

There is a life force acting through me that is bigger than me that I need to trust. The life goals I’ve made up may or may not fit into this bigger picture – and ultimately don’t matter. They will happen or they won’t.
Whatever is happening for me right now, the death of ideas, beliefs and truths that I’ve grown up with, their role in my life has come to an end. And so I move into the next phase.

The old part of me is desperate to know what this next phase is and to create a new world of structure. Another part is excited by the idea of more flexibility, more openness to the unknown, more willingness to let it unfold.

Without this understanding I know I’d be in pieces right now. Having the advanced course running alongside has helped me just keep on turning up and seeing what happens next in my story.

Ready for the new adventure… Thank you to everyone for creating such a beautiful space.”

The drip, drip, drip of the past 15 days has been so enjoyable and light, yet so profound. The veil is thinner than ever before of thinking that good feelings coming from a made-up version of end-game success. I’m suspicious of what looked real and seeing through what I was suspicious of before.

While I don’t have the words yet to say what I’ve seen in more concrete terms, I notice I’m doing more. It matters less to me that I care about what others think. And I’m throwing the dice more readily and spending less time blowing on the dice in the misguided view that blowing brings a higher chance of rolling a double 6.

Thank you to Michael, Lynne and all of you for being here and sharing.

What a game we are all playing!