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A one day live-streaming experience  for anyone
who wants to increase their impact with groups in an increasingly online world


I have been leading live workshops and trainings since 1990 and began creating and delivering web-based programs in 2002. While at the time that seemed a bit of a novelty, over the years I’ve taken more and more of my work with groups online to make it accessible to more people, effectively shrinking the world down to the size of my computer and allowing me to impact people in over 100 countries from the comfort of my own home.

This November, I’ll be running a one day workshop specifically designed for anyone who wants to increase their impact with groups in an increasingly online world. Whether you’re still relatively new to working with groups or you’re a seasoned professional looking for inspiration to move your group work online, I’ll be sharing the best of what I’ve learned in over 30 years of leading groups in this fun and highly interactive day!


I have taken part in some pretty amazing and transformational experiences but none that have so clearly shown me the commitment, creativity and love at the heart of genius! I am speechless and inspired by how this event was put together, it’s impact on me (and from what I saw) on others too – really wonderful and I had no idea it was possible to do what was done with Zoom, even without confinement and only those in your household on hand in person. Really amazing.

Katie Finney

We’ll be exploring:


  • How the principles behind the inside-out understanding influence the way we present, train, facilitate, and lead, regardless of our content (what we share) or context (where and with whom we share it)
  • Finding a balance between preparation and flow
  • Exercise design – how to create experiences both on and offline for maximum impact

I’ll also be sharing:


  • What I’ve found to be different about working with groups live vs. virtually and what stays the same
  • Ways to uncover your natural confidence so that you can be at your best even when the tech is at its worst
  • The secrets of connecting with a virtual room full of strangers (and helping them feel connected with one another as well)

Team Michael Neill provided simply the best learning experience ever online! Highly interactive, fun, engaging, enlightening, insightful, collaborative, eye opening, life changing. My sketchbook is covered with insights. Grateful for having been part of this.

Celia Bohle

This group will be highly experiential by design, and you will be a part of the content creation. While you will get lifetime access to the video and audio recordings afterwards for your review, your participation might well be the most enjoyable part of the process!


November 20th


The day will run from 10am – 5pm EST, which is 7am – 2pm Pacific and 3pm – 10pm in the UK.


  • One day workshop live and interactive with Michael
  • Lifetime access to the video and audio recordings

Cost: $99 


Thank you so much for the Genius Catalyst event over the past three days – and thank you to your team as well.  It clearly involved masses of planning, preparation and management and it went remarkably well.  In many respects it was as food as a face to face and at moments better, for me at least.

 The way you put it together and delivered it was great, both in your insights and articulation of things and in the exercises you gave us.

George Levvy