Join me this December in Dubai for a 5 day immersion into the heart of the inside-out understanding and the principles behind business success, intimate relationships, and our innate well-being!

In over 25 years spent working with high-achievers in all areas of life, I’ve noticed that the people who consistently thrive have somehow stumbled across the ability to tap into a deeper level of the mind – the living intelligence behind life itself. They’ve learned to get their personal thinking out of the way enough to open up the space for a deeper guidance and insight to come through.

It happens in the shower, at the gym, driving into work, on walks in nature, or sipping coffee in a café. For some, it seems to be the fruit of a more formal ritual – a meditation practice in a darkened room, or a prayer to a higher power and a surrender of individual will in favor of divine guidance.

What is consistent is that these people have learned or intuitively realized that while factual questions (‘How do I get to the restaurant?’ ‘What’s the boiling temperature of water?’) can be searched in a database, more important questions (‘How do we grow the company quickly without overextending ourselves?’ ‘What shall we do about the problems of the world?’ ‘Who am I really and how shall I live?’) are best answered from somewhere beyond the intellect.

You will leave knowing:


  • Where confidence comes from (and how to bring it to everything and anything in your life)
  • Why it’s so hard to let it be easy (and how easy that is to change)
  • The difference between intelligence and intellect (and why the intellect makes a wonderful servant but a terrible master)
  • How to “download wisdom” (and bring your genius to life)

This in turn will allow you to:


  • Make better decisions at work and at home
  • Transform your relationships , even with the most difficult people in your life
  • Become “discouragement proof” and bounce back from disappointments more quickly than you ever thought possible
  • Live with less stress, greater ease, and a sense of connection to the miraculous

The details:


  • Our time together will begin on Wednesday, December 6th at 11am and we’ll finish Sunday lunchtime (approximately 1pm).
  • Your retreat fee includes 5 nights luxury accommodation at the Palace Downtown, Dubai with breakfast (Tuesday – Sunday) and lunch (Wednesday – Saturday)

“The Living a Guided Life retreat was pivotal for me and my life. Being in a gorgeous setting while participating with a small group in a powerful conversation brought rise to a life-changing insight. I saw that every moment of my life, every event – even the parts I had previously labeled as “challenging” or “traumatic” – was exquisite, and had been serving me at the deepest levels. I felt the truth of the beauty of ALL of our human experience and the wisdom of the force that guides this experience. Life has looked and felt radically different ever since, in the best possible way!”

Sandra Koenig, USA

Living a Guided Life

 December 6th – December 10th 2017

Cost: $6,000
Cost includes five days with Michael and five nights accommodation at the beautiful Palace Downtown resort in Dubai (TuesdaySunday)


Have Questions?

If you have any questions about the retreat or logistics, please email Lynne Robertson to set up a time to speak.

I attended Living A Guided Life retreat in Mallorca. At the time my business felt like it was falling apart and I was also vacillating on a personal decision concerning my relationship. I didn’t know if I should stay or go. I would describe myself as very ungrounded, feeling panicky and exhausted when I arrived on retreat. 

Through the exploration that Michael led each day, I started to settle down internally, within a few days a sense of calm came over me and my incessant worry and self-criticising quietened. 

Feeling nourished by Michael’s coaching, the deepening of our understanding of the principles behind life, by the incredible surroundings and hotel we were hosted in, I felt completely revived by the end of the retreat. My urgency to fix everything and make decisions fell away and on my return, I handled some big financial matters quite gracefully.

Today I’m delighted to report that my business has improved for the better, opportunities are more in flow without me “making them happen”, my relationship to money has  transformed, I no longer find myself stressing in this area and my romantic relationship has had a huge shift, in fact I even got engaged!
Grace Kelly, Italy

Living a Guided Life

December 6th – December 10th 2017

Cost: $6,000
Cost includes five days with Michael and five nights accommodation at the beautiful Palace Downtown resort in Dubai (TuesdaySunday)

“Attending the Living A Guided Life retreat was an incredible experience – a chance to be immersed in the inside-out understanding with Michael as your guide. My level of understanding of how life works deepened and I was able to see things clearly that I couldn’t see before. I highly recommend attending if you’re ready for something to shift in your life. The retreat location was amazing and was definitely the best investment I’ve ever made in my personal transformation!”

Rachel Henke, UK