Living Insightfully is a light-hearted deep dive into the nature of insight and what it means to look to the real-time responsive intelligence inside you to answer questions, solve or resolve problems, and guide your path through life.
Beginning on the 4th of November, we’ll meet online each day (Monday to Friday) at 8am pacific/11am eastern/4pm UK for three consecutive weeks. I’ll introduce a particular aspect of that week’s topic (see below), and then we’ll spend the rest of our time together using your own life as a laboratory to explore and experiment with the universal principles behind our most innovative and insightful ideas.


Here’s what we’ll be exploring together:


Week One:
Balancing Insight and Intellect

If insight is so great, why aren’t we already following it? Perhaps the most common answer people give for why they tend to ignore or override their inner inclinations is that they have too much at stake to risk the quality of their life on something as seemingly vague and unreliable as wisdom in the moment. Yet, when I ask them to share some of the coolest things that have ever happened to them, those stories are inevitably about times when they overcame their intellectual objections and simply followed their own knowing. 
This week, we’ll kick off our exploration by looking at what insight is, where it comes from, and how to begin discerning between the voice of the “should” and the still, small voice within.

Week Two:
What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

For most of my life, I have struggled with a seemingly wide variety of challenges. From money worries to creating a thriving business and from making marriage fun to surviving teenage children (and all that that entails), each new situation seemed to require a unique and separate strategy for resolution. Yet one day it dawned on me that each of these goals and challenges could be solved by the answer to a simple question: What do you do when don’t know what to do?
During our second week together, we’ll be exploring our relationship with the unknown and how it affects our approach to problem-solving, creativity, and innovation.

Week Three:

Walking Your Soul Path

For years, I noticed that my happiest, most successful clients didn’t follow the traditional rules of goal setting. Instead, their lives unfolded day by day and the pieces consistently fell into place “as if by design”. I began to call this unfolding their “soul path”, because it was almost as though their soul was laying out the perfect path forward, one day and one step at a time.  
In our final week together, we’ll look to see how our own lives are unfolding and how our best attempts to make things happen often get in the way of the intelligence behind life taking us exactly where we’re meant to go.

Here’s how it works:

  • We’ll meet by videoconference for an hour Monday through Friday each week day at 8am PT / 11am  ET / 4pm UK starting on Monday 4th November.
  • All sessions will be recorded and you’ll have lifetime access to the audio recordings.
  • ​As soon as you order, you’ll get immediate access to the recordings from a day long workshop with Jack Pransky – Insight: The Secret Ingredient to Change

Dates: November 4th – 22nd

Cost:  $129

Watch a preview of ‘Insight: The Secret Ingredient to Change’

Here’s what some participants in our other three week online intensives had to say about the format:


‘It’s been a wondrous journey over the last three weeks… I had amazing insights at the beginning and then lost my way through illness and pain, ending with a life changing conversation with Michael yesterday. For that I am so very grateful. I see that my moments of being in deeper wisdom and letting go of thought around pain eases my suffering.

A new journey is beginning.… I’m so excited! Thank you Michael with all my love to you XX’


‘Michael I have really enjoyed this course! It is making such a difference, and providing a lot of insights. I come prepared with questions to each call, and then find they fall away. So I enjoy just listening with a beautiful feeling. Thank you, thank you, thank you.’


‘The 3 weeks of 3Ps is a deep dive indeed, I have changed, deepened my seeing. Reminding myself not to grab for the butterfly as it passes but to wait and let it find me. Thank you MN, it is a gift.’