Be a part of the development of my newest insights and creations on our monthly catalyst webinars

Unlimited access to over 80 hours of Inside-Out Live talks and workshops

Over 400 hours of radio shows on every topic you can imagine


The most complete archives of my blogs and tips anywhere on the web

For those of you who enjoy having me as a guide and companion on your journey, the newly revamped Inner Circle is a chance to view and review some of my best material from the past and to be a part of the creation of what’s new and next.

Here’s what’s included in your membership:

  • Monthly interactive webinars where you can ask questions and I’ll share my latest insights into creativity, happiness, and the human condition
  • 24/7 access to the best material from the archives of my radio shows, blogs, tips, and live talks and workshops.
  • Membership in the Transformative Book Club – access to the archives and six new books in 2017
  • A 20% discount on every new live and online event I do under $1000 – kind of like a Barnes and Noble discount card for your personal and spiritual evolution!

Listen to the radio show "The Secret Ingredient For Effortless Success"

Access to the complete archives from my weekly radio show from 2005 today!

Here’s how it works:

  • Instant access to the Genius Catalyst archives, including radio shows, blogs and tips, interviews, complete videos from evening talks and one day workshops, and extended clips from many of our longer workshops
  • Sitewide 20% discount on all products and programs under $1000


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