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Would you like an invitation to live an impossibly wonderful life?

This was my very first video program made to accompany the international bestselling book The Inside-Out Revolution, and has now been viewed by thousands of people around the world!

Join me as I share an extraordinary new understanding of how life works that turns traditional psychology on its head. This revolutionary approach is built around three simple principles that explain where our feelings come from and how our experience of life can transform for the better in a matter of moments.

Over the course of twelve simple to understand but surprisingly impactful lessons, you’ll learn these principles for yourself and gain insight into why some days you feel on top of the world while other days you feel like the world is on top of you. Follow along with me as I guide you over the edge of your world and into a space of infinite potential and infinite possibilities.

Understanding these principles allows you to tap into the deeper intelligence behind life, access your natural wisdom and guidance, and unleash your limitless creative power. You’ll be able to live with less stress, greater ease, and a sense of connection to the larger unfolding of life.

Here’s what we cover:

Part One:
The Premise

In the first part of the program, we go through the basic premise of the inside-out understanding.

  • Session One – The Inside-Out Experiment (15:55)
  • Session Two – Ordinary Miracles (11:57)
  • Session Three – You Were Born Happy (9:37)


This course is fantastic for bringing to our attention the real reason behind all self-sabotage and stress ( which is the way we handle our thoughts). The solution is so simple that the entire human race has missed it for generations – and that is to not believe our thoughts are real and require action, we can simply observe them and do nothing at all which allows space for clarity and fresh thoughts to appear leading to better outcomes more in flow with who we are and what we really want to do, be or have in life. Michael’s way of teaching is pleasant and engaging as well as fun and clear, I have really enjoyed it throughout.

– Kathy McPheely



I definitely enjoyed doing this course in my own time and always looked forward to the next lesson. The subject itself is so enlightening that I feel far more relaxed and able to enjoy every day as it unfolds, no matter what happens. Michael Neill is a joy to listen to. His passion for the subject and desire to get his message across comes through every time.

– Linda Sheffield



This course is a must. Didn’t knew what to expect before doing it, didn’t knew Michael, but this truly enlightening, I loved it. Totally recommended.

– Gonzalo F

Part Two:
The Implications 

In part two we go into more detail as to how an understanding of how the mind work can be so helpful in every area of our lives.


  • Session Four – Intelligence vs. Intellect (10:25)
  • Session Five – Performance and Flow (9:34)
  • Session Six – Creating Results (8:59)
  • Session Seven – The Path of the Soul (11:34)
  • Session Eight – Resilience and Stress (11:27)
  • Session Nine – A Return to Health (11:30)
  • Session Ten – Financially Fearless (8:27)
  • Session Eleven – The Joy of Relationships (8:56)


i’m enjoying the layout of the video, the fact that it is self paced, the way that the concepts are presented. I’ve gotten lots of food for thought in just the first two videos!

– Camille Richardson



It’s simplistic, informative and delivered more than I expected.

– Melinda Greenacre




The course so far has given me significant insights and understanding which has shifted my thoughts and feelings. Quite Amazing!

-Nasrin Khan

Part Three:
Integration and Review


In our final session together, I’ll share what I have learned about living in the world from this deeper place inside ourselves…


  • Session Twelve – The Human Potential (9:26)


Excellent well recommended it buy this course it’s worth the effort

– Tom Bissett



I love the content. It offers so much possibility for one’s personal development and to increase one’s happiness and fulfilment. I also love Michael’s nature and how he presents. He draws you in and has a lovely way about him. Thank you!

– Charlotte Sinclair




Extremely and wonderfully enlightening. The author explains things in an engaging and captivating way. Everyone should take this course.

– Peter Robson

Welcome to the space where miracles happen…

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