Live and live-streaming in Los Angeles
February 3rd-5th
10am – 5pm PT

One of my favorite quotes comes from the Reverend Howard Thurman, a student of Gandhi and teacher of Martin Luther King, when he said:

“Don’t ask what the world needs – ask what makes you come alive and go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

In a world of ever-increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA), the ability to be a safe port in a storm is worth its weight in gold. Once you can reliably help people wake up to the deepest and best they have inside them, the next job is to help them navigate their world with more ease and grace. As we come together in February, we’ll be playing with real-world applications of this understanding and approach.

The Life Catalyst Intensive is a chance to come alive in your own life and assist others in doing the same.

What is a Catalyst?

The dictionary definition of a catalyst is “an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action”.  During our six months together, you’ll learn to act as a catalyst to people’s innate genius, wisdom, and creativity, so they can bring their best self to any problem, challenge, or project. 


Here’s a video from our recent Personal Catalyst Intensive in New York that will give you a bit of a feel for  what we will be exploring together:

Over the course of our time together, we’ll be exploring:


  • Being a business catalyst– what it takes to move a business from surviving to thriving, including your own
  • Being a creativity catalyst – unleashing innovation and creative solutions “on demand”
  • Being a health catalyst – sparking the body’s innate drive towards health and optimizing conditions for healing
  • Being a relationship catalyst – uncovering and nurturing the spark of love and understanding in the relationships that matter most

    Location: Hotel MdR Marina del Rey – a DoubleTree by Hilton, 13480 Maxella Ave, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

    The venue is in Marina del Rey, adjacent to Villa Marina Marketplace Mall. Moments from the harbor, and 15 minutes from Santa Monica and Venice Beach. Los Angeles International Airport is four miles away.


    What our students have to say about training with Michael

    The Genius Catalyst program will help you unleash your brilliance and achieve greater impact in your conversations, relationships and business. Exploring the “source code” behind the human experience has effortlessly deepened my explorations with clients. When clients experience being tapped into their brilliance vs. habitual thinking spirals, they naturally show up at their best.

    In the first Immersive in New York, I experienced the visceral difference between being lost in thought and being tapped into a flow of wisdom. Seeing the truth of who we are, how our mind works and how life works – naturally unlocks our human potential. Being a catalyst is an impact game changer both at work and at home! Thanks Michael and Team.”

    Ian McKelvie

    Managing Partner, Becauz LLC

    “Somehow Michael and his team managed to create a tremendously insightful, impactful and engaging experience online. While the in-person attendees had great conversations in the room, we all had a ball online too, sharing experiences and giving up the love for the contributions we were all making as participants. Michael’s impact is not lessened online and I came away both impacted and with some excellent insights to use in my client work, which have already increased my impact in my sessions with them.”

    Gina Hayden

    Author of 'Becoming a Conscious Leader', and Director at Sphere Consulting Services (UK)

    “I did the first (New York) intensive online and was totally blown away by the experience. If I had any doubts as to whether doing it online would be as impactful as being there in person, those doubts are gone forever. Michael has a way of making everybody feel like they are there…all you need to do is show up. The discussion was literally Earth shattering for me, a big HFMOG moment, multiple other insights and a real shift in my reality. I’m so excited to experience what is to come in the remaining intensives over the coming months, and to see how my life shifts as a result, as no doubt it has already started to do.”

    Michael Lynch

    Entrepreneur and Leadership Coach, Australia

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    The Life Catalyst Intensive

    “In my first intensive, it didn’t take long for me to see that the magic is not in the learning but rather in the ‘unlearning’. The fun part of it is that there really was nothing to DO to make that happen.
    This program is packed with small group exercises that allow for insight to come naturally and Michael creates a safe space to ask questions and has a way of deepening the understanding even more in the way he’s answering them. After finishing the program, I feel really comfortable putting myself out there as a transformative professional and somehow clients have magically been showing up.
    This truly was a life changing experience that I strongly recommend.”
    Annelies Geraets

    “If you have any interest in living your life with a whole lot more vision, possibility, fearlessness, ease and joy, Michael is your man. One of the wonderful things about connecting with Michael is that he is always himself in that what you get with the genius is of course, his particular expression of it which is filled with humor, humility, and great storytelling. He takes you to the heights and the depths of what is beautiful and true in a way that is engagingly human, real, fun, and yes… greatly transformative. It’s quite the package. I highly recommend hopping onto the Michael Neill train. It’s an amazing ride that will serve you for a lifetime in extraordinary ways.”

    Randi Suskin


    All your questions – answered :-)

    Where is the intensive being held?

    Hotel MdR Marina del Rey – a DoubleTree by Hilton, 13480 Maxella Ave, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

    Will everything be recorded?

    Yes!  You will have lifetime access to the streaming video and audio for the intensive.  

    What are the timings for the intensives?

    The live intensive will run from 10am-5pm local time.  Please note that if you are joining via live stream, this might mean a very late or very early start time ;-) 

    What is the cancellation/refund policy?

    If you need to cancel for any reason up to 30 days before the start date, you will receive a full refund.  If you need to cancel for any reason after that, you will receive a credit for the full amount paid to be used for other trainings and programs at any time in the future.

    “I love the magic that happens within each day of the intensive. What I’ve seen new and fresh is beyond words. I can’t describe it, but there’s something in the feeling when you’re together with a bunch of people looking towards Truth. It’s magic. You can feel the love in the room. Even though I’ve experienced it several times, it still amazes me. I learned a lot, and saw through some of my expectations… and I thought I didn’t have any for this program.😂 Thank you, Michael and everyone for this experience. I’m full to the brim of gratitude.”

    Michaela Thiede

    “As a business owner… the format of the program was perfect. There was a good mix of learning directly from Michael combined with breakout small group exercises and plenty of time to reflect, either in your own time, or with Michael in a group follow up. I enjoyed many intellectually fascinating conversations, but it was the depth of feeling that percolated over time where the magic really happened for me. It felt a privilege to have learned so much, but also to gain hope for all of humanity, where deeper human connection and a sense that everyone could just be themselves, with so much less pressure, is an available reality.
    I will certainly use everything I have gained to help plant seeds of this understanding, because I believe that this will be of great comfort to others. For me personally, the understanding explains some of my own life experiences, and the deeper knowing that came from them. Thank you so much to the entire team for a wonderful experience, so well executed, but in a welcoming and truly accessible manner.”
    Suzie Yeulett