“Everybody is only one thought away from whatever they are looking for – if you can find that one thought. And that one thought, do you know what it is? It’s the state of thoughtlessness. Thoughtlessness from the little personal mind..”

Syd Banks

Does it ever seem to you like your life is an uphill battle?

Do you wish you could experience more joy, ease, and freedom without working so hard at it all the time?

Would you be open to things changing for the better without effort, struggle, or strain?

If you’re ready for an easier, gentler, more vibrantly alive experience of being in the world, join internationally renowned teachers Dr. Dicken Bettinger and Michael Neill for a surprisingly light-hearted deep conversation about the nature of the mind.

Topics covered will include:

✔️ How simple change can be (and why it often seems so hard)

✔️ Going from theory to practice to embodied understanding

✔️ The “right use” of the mind

✔️ How to solve, resolve, or dissolve any problem

✔️ What love’s got to do with it

I loved sharing the wisdom of Michael Neill and Dicken Bettinger. An inspiring day.

Peter Sleigh


Date: 22nd June, 2022

Location: Conway Hall, London

Timing: 10am-5pm UK

Cost: $99

FREE BONUS: When you register, you will receive instant access to “It’s a Feeling” – a bundle of recordings featuring over twelve hours of content recorded live with Michael Neill and Dr. Dicken Bettinger, including Living Beyond the Known (audio), Oneness (audio), and Things I Want My Kids to Know (video)

Recordings: While the event is live, we will be filming it and making the recordings available to all ticket holders at no additional cost. The audio will be available within 10 days of the live event and the edited video footage will be automatically added to your account at a later date.


What people say about Dicken and Michael teaching together:

Beautiful to experience the conversation. So deeply touched. ❤️

Linda Hummel

Magical day. Heart full ❤

Sheela Masand

Heartfelt thanks for a beautiful day 🙏

Ian Watson

What Michael has to say about Dicken:

“When I first met Dicken Bettinger, I remember remarking to my wife on what a lovely man he was. When I finally spent some time getting to know him, I realized his ‘loveliness’ came out of an incredible depth of insight into what life is and where it comes from.

Every time we teach together, I’m reminded of how different it is to live from the deepest place inside ourselves than to just ‘talk about thought’. My own level of aliveness and insight starts to rise, and I leave more in love with life than ever before.”

What Dicken has to say about Michael:

“Michael makes me laugh. And not just because he is entertaining, which he is, but because he talks from a place within that is full of lightness and humor. Perhaps every bone in his body is a funny bone.

But what I know is he has an uncanny ability to poke fun at our humanity in a way that allows me and others to laugh at our bumbling humanness. And he points toward the space within of our lighthearted magnificence, which tickles our funny bones when we recognize the truth of that.”