Have you been touched by the Three Principles?

Have you heard of them and want to learn more?

Do you sometimes wish life was easier or that you were tougher?

Join Michael Neill and Dr. Aaron Turner for a fun, practical day-long exploration of how a deeper understanding of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought can make a real and tangible difference in every area of your daily life.

Topics covered will include:

✔️ Finding more traction with your most important projects and spending less time spinning your wheels

✔️ Enjoying being human (and all that that entails)

✔️ Experiencing wellbeing in the face of challenging circumstances

✔️ Dealing with “difficult people”, including yourself

✔️ Going beyond coping to thriving

✔️ Uncovering the simplicity at the heart of everything

Here are the details:


Date:  Wednesday October 9th

Times:  10am – 5pm


The Audotorium
Central Working
Ecclestone Yards
25 Ecclestone Place
London SW1W 9NF

Cost: $295 

This will be an in-person only event, no live stream will be available.


Watch a clip of Aaron and Michael:

What Michael says about Aaron:

When I first wanted to really understand the impact of learning about the Three Principles in the area of performance and results, I turned to Aaron Turner. I was blown away by his intelligent yet uniquely comedic way of seeing the world, and within the first five minutes of hearing him speak I’d got everything I was looking for and a lot more than I’d bargained for. To this day, Aaron is one of my “go to” people when I want to get a fresh perspective on a business challenge or a refreshingly honest take on something I’m wrestling with in my personal life. Plus, he’s just a lot of fun to hang out with!

What Aaron says about Michael:

Michael has a joyous enthusiasm for both learning and sharing what he has found. He is a lovely combination of endlessly curious and interested, discerning, whilst remaining open mined and enthusiastic. But he never departs from what makes sense to him and what he has found to be helpful to others. I find Michael’s eagerness and enthusiasm refreshing and his joy in understanding and making his understanding available to others, infectious. I love the way he finds new, tangible and meaningful ways to share his understanding. It is a pleasure to listen to him. He keeps things fresh, enjoyable, but firmly rooted in what makes sense and what has an actual benefit for others. He is a unique voice and presence in this field.