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The Supercoaching Intensive

Livestreaming around the world

If you only had three days to learn how to coach, how would you do it?

I’ve designed this program to strip down years of transformative coach training to the bare essentials – what are the few things you need to know and practice in order to truly support others and have a positive impact on their levels of performance, productivity, and well-being.

If you’re new to coaching, this fun and highly interactive three day program will teach you to bring the “supercoach approach” to your leadership, management, parenting, service business or helping profession.

If you’re already a professional coach, you’ll gain insight into why what you do works when it works and doesn’t when it doesn’t, and you’ll gain the confidence to go beyond your tool kit to a more improvisational “real-time” approach that not only makes coaching more fun, it tilts the odds in the favor of your clients being unleashed in pursuit of their goals and dreams.


There are three Supercoaching Intensives for you to choose from:

October 9th-11th –  SOLD OUT

January 15th-17th – SOLD OUT

March 12th-14th – Less than 10 places left!


Each one will run from 10am – 5pm EST each day, which is 7am – 2pm Pacific and 3pm – 10pm in the UK.

Cost:  $995 



What our participants have to say about joining the Genius Catalyst Team for online trainings! 

Team Michael Neill provided simply the best learning experience ever online! Highly interactive, fun, engaging, enlightening, insightful, collaborative, eye opening, life changing. My sketchbook is covered with insights. Grateful for having been part of this.

Celia Bohle

Thank you so much for the event over the past three days – and thank you to your team as well.  It clearly involved masses of planning, preparation and management and it went remarkably well.  In many respects it was as food as a face to face and at moments better, for me at least.

It was the best principles event I have taken part in.  Doubtless that was partly because of where I am/was but it wasn’t just that.  The way you put it together and delivered it was great, both in your insights and articulation of things and in the exercises you gave us.

George Levvy

I have taken part in some pretty amazing and transformational experiences but none that have so clearly shown me the commitment, creativity and love at the heart of genius! I am speechless and inspired by how this event was put together, it’s impact on me (and from what I saw) on others too – really wonderful and I had no idea it was possible to do what was done with Zoom. Really amazing.

Katie Finney

You smashed it! This was an amazing experience – creativity, surprise, humour, love, inspiration, connection, learning and more! Thank you Michael for your wonderful role modelling of aliveness. I feel it and experience you teaching from that space. Thank you for showing us what is possible. I walked away with feeling much lighter and raring to create in the world. Can’t wait for the next one!

Sheela Masand