When I first began coaching “high impact” clients, I wondered what it was I had to offer them. After all, many of them were already wealthier and more successful in the eyes of the world than I was. Yet I knew that they were getting something of value from our work together because they kept coming back and they kept referring their friends and colleagues.

So I asked the only people I could think of who might be able to answer that question – my clients themselves.

The overriding theme in all their answers was that as a result of the transformative conversation, they felt less stressed, less insecure and more grounded and at peace with life in general and their lives in particular.

One client summed it up by saying “I’d built an empire on quicksand, and now I feel that I’ve finally shifted my foundations onto solid ground.”

And that’s when I got what was really going on – what the change was that changes everything:

We live our lives as if the better we can make the outside world, the better our experience on the inside will be. But the reality is 180 degrees away. Our moment by moment experience of life is being created from the inside out.

When we live our lives as if success leads to happiness, wealth leads to security, and circumstances dictate experience, we are subject to all the insecurities, doubts, and fears that have become so familiar they are considered normal. But the moment we glimpse the inside-out nature of reality, we see that happiness leads to success, security leads to wealth, and our thoughts create our experience.

Life gets less scary because we begin to see the kindness of the design.

To better understand how this shift plays out in our lives, consider the following analogy:


When you begin to understand the inside-out nature of the human experience, life gets considerably simpler. But until you glimpse it for yourself, I know from experience it can sound esoteric and hopeful at best and confusing or downright naive at worst.

So I encourage you not to believe me and not to have faith. Just look and listen for yourself from the quietest mind and most beautiful feeling you can find. Hang out in the unknown. Spend time with people who carry a sense of peace and well-being along with them.

And if you engage in the transformative conversation and keep looking in this direction, I promise you that what you see and hear will change your world for the better…

“I truly had been waiting my whole life to have the conversation we had last week. You call it “Shifting the Foundations” but that doesn’t come close to describing my experience. In a moment, what I thought were my foundations exploded from beneath me – it was physically palpable. They were gone, and I was free falling with nothing to grab onto. Reality just broke up – until finally I felt the deeper, true foundations beneath, holding me – the everlasting arms – the wellbeing that comes from a place even beyond myself.

I laughed and cried – and at times floated above the ground with you. I felt connection to myself, to God, and to others, in a way I’ve never experienced it before – and all of it was threaded through with pure, unabridged joy. The dust is still settling, and the aftershocks still happening. The landscape looks radically different. I have no idea what I’ll build in the place that’s opened up – but I have a feeling it’s going to be good! I’m amazed by the opportunities I’m noticing, and by the beauty of allowing life to unfold just as it’s meant to. I know I probably have to come down from here at some point (if only momentarily) but right now life is beautiful!

Thank you, Michael, for your wisdom, love and kindness – and for the GREATEST conversation of my life!”

Libby Hodges


Shifting the Foundations is both transformative and foundational. Held at my home in Tarzana, California, you will join me over a three day period as we go deep into your world and re-visit it from the inside out. We’ll explore how the mind works, where well-being comes from (and where it goes), the keys to peak performance and effortless success, and the nature of the human experience. We’ll also explore any and every aspect of your life – what’s working and what isn’t, what you want to create and what seems to be standing in your way. Nothing is off-limits in these sessions – it’s often the times where we seem to go “off-topic” that lead to the biggest insights and breakthroughs.

Your Coaching Investment:

$15,000, including pre-course materials and a post-intensive coaching call to ensure that you are integrating your insights into your daily life.

Please note that a Shifting the Foundations intensive is the basis for all of my longer-term coaching programs – we can discuss a custom-designed program when we speak.

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“During our coaching together, Michael challenged my fundamental beliefs about what it takes to accomplish great things in life. Given that I’m a Harvard MBA, I was pretty sure he was wrong and I was right, but I agreed to experiment with his “effortless success” approach.

During the experiment, I started a podcast that reached #1 on iTunes, wrote a book with a major New York publisher, acted in three musicals (with no prior performing experience), helped redesign the strategy for the top entrepreneurship school in the world, started a company, and co-wrote a one-man musical based on my book. And it happened easily, without struggle. He’s changed my entire approach to life, and I’m deeply grateful.”

Stever Robbins

Host of The Get-it-Done Guy’s Quick and Dirty Tips to Work Less and Do More , www.steverrobbins.com