Genius Catalyst Session with Michael Neill

From: $3,000.00

Want to bring your genius to life?

These sessions are perfect if you want or need:

  • An outside eye to take a fresh look at your business, project, career, and/or life
  • To brainstorm possibilities around a target, goal, problem, or challenge
  • A mini-intensive into how the inside-out understanding applies in your world
  • To fall more deeply in love with your life and everything (or anything) in it

Sessions last 2 – 3 hours, cost $3000, and are bookable below pending availability. (Please read the ‘How it Works’ section below before booking!)

Dates for March – May 2019 now available (dates in green available to book)



A student on one of our Supercoach Academy programs once described the way I coach like this:

“You say, ‘What would be great?’ Then your client pours out their heart and soul to you and you just sit there and listen. And then you say ‘blah, blah, blah’, and their eyes light up, and they say “Oh my god, that changes everything!”

While I like to think there’s a little bit more to it than that :-), there’s little doubt that one of my ‘superpowers’ is the ability to cut to the heart of the matter in relatively little time. In fact, I named my company Genius Catalyst Inc. because it’s my favorite thing to do – act as a catalyst to other people’s innate genius, wisdom, and creativity. Since my mom is a PhD in chemistry, I grew up knowing that a catalyst is “an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action”. And early on in my career, that was the only kind of work I would do – sit down with people over lunch or coffee for a couple of hours and spark insights, creative solutions, and new possibilities for their lives and businesses.

Because my schedule only allows me to take on a relatively small number of full-time clients each year, I’ve decided to open up a few afternoons each month for what I’m calling “Genius Catalyst Sessions”. You come to my home in LA, we spend the afternoon together, and you leave with fresh insight, a renewed sense of possibility, and above all, having fallen more deeply in love with your life.

How it works:

  • Sessions last 2 – 3 hours, cost $3000, and are bookable online pending availability.
  • Unless otherwise arranged, all sessions are held at my home in the San Fernando Valley. On booking, you’ll receive an email with details, including nearby hotels and recommended Air B&B’s if relevant.
  • You may send me anything you’d like me read, watch, or listen to ahead of our time together. If I get it less than 72 hours before our session (or if there’s a lot of content!), I may or may not get to it before we meet up.
  • The cancellation policy is as follows:
    – More than two weeks out, a full refund or rescheduling
    – 48 hours to two weeks, no refund but your session may be rescheduled any time within the following six months (pending availability)
    – Less than 48 hours, no refund or rescheduling will be offered