Supercoach Academy 2018 Enrollment


To make your enrollment as simple and easy as possible, we suggest contacting your bank/credit card provider prior to completing the order process.  Many banks have automatic fraud prevention systems in place and will decline large transactions as a matter of course. Usually a quick call to authorise an upcoming transaction from “Genius Catalyst Inc” will ensure that the transaction is processed without any issue!

If you would prefer to pay via electronic invoice, including bank transfer, please email us and we will arrange it within 24 hours.

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Your Supercoach Academy experience will begin as soon as you register. On enrollment, you will receive:

  • Instant video and audio access to the Coaching from the Inside-Out Self Study program AND the audio recordings from CFTIO 2012 ($495 value)
  • Lifetime membership to the Transformative Coaches Cafe, a community for professional mentoring, peer to peer support, practice-building wisdom, and coach-specific resources. ($995/year value)
  • Lifetime membership to the Inner Circle including over 150 hours of video trainings featuring me alongside many of the top teachers of the inside-out understanding ($495/year value)
  • Access to dozens of masterclasses from past Academies (Priceless – only available to Academy students)