The Emerging Voices Mentoring Group


The Emerging Voices Mentoring Group

(Maximum group size of 8 people)

September 2019 – March 2020
Los Angeles, California and online

Cost: $15,000 including eight days of live training, six interactive webinars, and three one on one sessions with Michael

To ensure no problems processing your payment, please contact your card provider and pre-authorise the transaction to ‘Genius Catalyst Inc’. If you would prefer to make a bank transfer payment  please contact Lynne Robertson for the details.

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Part One: The Emerging Voices Intensive 

Over the course of six days (September 9th – 14th), we’ll be working in a small group intensive format to explore the nature of creative expression – what gets in the way, what sets us free, and what allows the creative spark to catch fire inside us and explode out into the world in ways we haven’t even imagined. You’ll also get a chance to sit down with me for a one on one session, where we can both get to know each other better and get “stuck in” exploring whatever stickiness you may have around letting your voice fully emerge in the world!

Throughout the week you’ll have the opportunity to put yourself on the spot and in the spotlight, sharing your writing and speaking in a multiplicity of forms through a variety of group and individual exercises. I’ll be feeding back to you throughout our time together, not only offering you real-time coaching but identifying leverage points for you to focus on in developing your creative work going forward.

Part Two: The Emerging Voices Mastermind

The week-long intensive will serve as your jumping off point for a six-month expansion and deepening process. If our first six days together serve as a catalyst for finding your own unique voice, the next six months are designed to find full confidence in your expression and help you transition from thinking about it to doing it or from doing it to expanding your reach and impact.

Through a combination of monthly assignments, group webinars, one on one mentoring with me, and two days back together as a small group on the 9th and 10th of March, 2020, I’ll be both encouraging and challenging you to find the hidden gears in your mind that will enable you to surprise and delight yourself on a regular and ongoing basis.

You’ll finish the group with a quietly unshakeable sense of confidence in your ability to do your work in the world, a completely new relationship with risk and reward, and a clear compass to guide you forward in whatever comes next.