​Over the past five years, nearly 1.5 million people have watched my TEDx talk “Why Aren’t We Awesomer?” Many have written to me to share how seeing through a simple misunderstanding of the way the mind works has given them a whole new way of thinking about the world and taken a weight off their shoulders they didn’t even know they were carrying around with them.

This May, I’ll be leading an interactive online exploration into the changing nature of success – what it was, what it’s becoming, why we so often lose ourselves in the pursuit of it, and how we can easily and relatively effortlessly adapt to the rapidly changing rules of the game.

Beginning on the 4th of May, we’ll meet online from Monday to Friday at 8am pacific/11am eastern/4pm UK for three consecutive weeks. Each day, I’ll begin our time together by sharing a “thrive catalyst” – a simple idea, myth, or principle that will help spark your own insights into what it will take to thrive in your own life and work during these changing times. Then I’ll be taking the time to answer specific questions and coach you around the real-world work situations where theory meets practice and the rubber meets the road.


Here’s what we’ll be exploring:

Week One:

Learning to Thrive in a Time of Change


During our first week together, I’ll introduce and/or review the basics of both the inside-out understanding and what it takes to thrive regardless of circumstances. We’ll be learning how to navigate volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) and taking the time to not only uncover your personal definition of success but also what it is inside you that makes thriving more or less challenging, stressful, and fun from day to day.

Week Two:
Doing Business Without Fear

With everything going on at the moment, many of us are on “high alert” most of the time. But chances are that if you’re like most people I work with, (or in fact me), you’ve spent a fair bit of your working life scared to follow your “soul path” for fear of where it might take you or what others might say. This week we’ll explore how the quiet promptings of your innermost self are not only worthy of your trust, they are the single most trustworthy guide there is to inner happiness, outer success, and a life well-lived, regardless of what’s going on around us.

Week Three:

Accelerating the Learning Curve

Success is iterative – that is to say, it is a process of successive approximations, each one bringing us closer to the contribution we most want to make and the fruits of our labors we most want to enjoy. This week we’ll be learning more about how we are designed for adaptation and in particular, how to stay agile and responsive to the speed of change. You’ll also get to spend less time beating yourself up over past mistakes, and more time fully engaged in the work you most want to be doing in the world.

Here’s how it works:

  • We’ll meet by videoconference for an hour Monday through Friday each week day at 8am PT / 11am  ET / 4pm UK starting on Monday 4th May.
  • All sessions will be recorded and you’ll have lifetime access to the audio recordings.

Dates: May 4th – 22nd

$99 or Pay What You Can!


We’re going to add a 4th week of daily webinars from the 6th – 10th of April. The theme of this bonus week will be From Fear to Possibility, and each day I’ll be focusing in on another aspect of how we inadvertently make things harder than they need to be and how much fun there still is to be had in creating and serving, even in the midst of challenging circumstances.

Here’s what some participants of ‘A Whole New Way of Thinking About Business’, last year’s three week program, had to say:

It’s been interesting to sit down and reflect on my learnings over the last 3 weeks – the start of the course seems a long time ago and things have shifted so much!

First, I’ve deepened my understanding of thought.  Second, I have a different relationship with money – much less clingy and needy. Third, I’m learning (I think this bit is still moving from intellect to understanding) that MY BUSINESS IS NOT ME and that separation along with the insights about money has lifted the pressure. As a result, I’ve been way more productive over the last couple of weeks and been super keen to get stuck into stuff.

Thanks Michael Neill for an amazing three weeks – my world continues to change!

“Not only did I get what I came for here, in regards to what to do with my business, I resolved a lifetime of misdirection and disappointment. 

Each of the homework assignments were like “little chunks of insight” that I took on with curiosity, and they unlocked many of my hidden premises about myself that I had thought were all about my business. 

I didn’t get what I came for; I got what I didn’t know I came for. I’m deeply in gratitude to Michael and team, but also to this community for all the love, and fun!”