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Time to Thrive

Time to Thrive

Would you like to experience amazing clarity, peace, and freedom, even in the midst of challenging circumstances?


This 3 day small-group coaching intensive offers a full immersion into the heart of the inside-out understanding and the principles behind success, happiness, insight, and well-being.


Hong Kong – December 4th, 5th and 6th 2015

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Payments Accepted

You will learn to:

  • Be at your best more of the time
  • Access your natural wisdom and guidance
  • Unleash your limitless creative power
  • Bring your genius to life

This in turn will allow you to:

  • Make better decisions at work and at home
  • Transform your relationships , even with the most difficult people in your life
  • Become more resilient than you ever thought possible
  • Live with less stress, greater ease, and a sense of connection to the miraculous

As a result, you will learn how to thrive, regardless of your current or future circumstances.

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Main Entrance (1150 x 500)(2)

Location: The Pottinger Hotel, Hong Kong

Dates: December 4th – 6th 2015

Cost: $8000, inclusive of a one on one session with Michael, three night’s accommodation at the venue, meals, and a post-intensive group call to assist with integrating what you have learned into your life.

If you are interested in incorporating additional one-on-one coaching with Michael into your package, have any questions about logistics or would like to inquire about a payment plan, please phone Sara Murre on 1-800-570-6216. If she can’t answer your call immediately, leave your name, number, and time zone and she’ll get back to you within one business day.

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“My experience of the Thrive weekend was incredibly inspiring, spiritually rewarding, challenging, mind blowing …. The ‘trusting the universe’ in its unfolding perfection of the formless energy. The spiritual connection became so much clearer and stronger for me during the weekend – the light inside became infinitely brighter. However, on the last day of the Thrive weekend, I ended up so focused on trying to comprehend all that was going on, the magnitude, that I missed letting the magical side of things be, well… magical. For the most part I felt enriched by the weekend, but to be honest, a small part of me left the weekend somewhat confused. I know now that my ‘active soaking up’ of the information presented to me stopped my flow of feeling, and so I somehow felt ‘not quite connected’… Only a few days ago I got the following picture in my head: I am sailing a boat, full sail out. The Thrive weekend seemed to fill my sails with wind, and as the wind grew stronger and stronger I felt the need to grip tighter and tighter onto the ropes. I was so focused on garnering as much wind as possible, and it ended up being more about holding on to the sails than to let the sail go and live in the moment – focused on the principles rather than the living/experiencing of them. I have let go of that sail gently over the past few days and feel now relaxed and at peace with my experiences, being all the richer for it.”

Marc Brabander, Australia


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“What I loved in that room was the abundance of respect, openness, love and genuine kindness. We started with an eager listening of Michael’s way to approach the topic of thriving and happiness. More and more then, we listened to each other. And we left on the last day listening to our inner wisdom and in touch with our well-being. Laughter and questions accompanied the program all the way through. It wasn’t a lecture or a class so much as a “talk in heaven”. A “talk” because the 10 of us spoke as much as Michael, and “heaven” because we found ourselves light-years away from our fears, our shoulds and our judgments. Michael has transformed that regular room into a creative worry free space where we all felt at ease. At ease with anything, even with our well-being and that thing they call “future”. Being connected with my inner wisdom, that place where I am creative, that place of infinite courage and compassion… What a fantastic place to come from when you want to give love, hope and music to the people you care about… and actually everybody else as well. Even those who have hurt you and those you will never meet, because when you are connected to your well-being there is no reason to hold back, there is no more fear. Thank you Michael for sharing in so many ways your gentleness, your wisdom and your experience with the world.”

Markus Kliegl, France


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Payments Accepted