Mer’s Last Lecture


In the video, Emerging Voices graduate, Mer Monson, shares her “last lecture to the world”. It’s sweet, funny, moving, life-affirming, and a testimony to how the true purpose of life may simply be a life well-lived.


About Mer

25 years into a journey through the world of psychology, alternative healing and a 1,000 other cool things designed to fix me and my life, I happened upon a simple understanding of how life works.  To my complete surprise, what I saw changed everything. 

Not because things finally changed enough for me to be okay, but because I saw there was never anything wrong with me or life in the first place.  As I began to get clear eyes for the principles at work behind life and being human, all of my prior experience made sense to me in a much deeper and clearer context.  I saw that I had mistaken my thought-created problem-filled reality for life, instead of the infinite peace, presence and possibility beneath it.  Best of all, I found new eyes for the real Mer beneath the thought-created problem-filled version of her I’d been trying to fix.

As I’ve witnessed repeatedly in my own life and that of my clients, when even a slice of misunderstanding about who we are and how life works dissolves, the best within us naturally wakes up and comes to life.  And it’s so much fun.