What would you like to create in 2016?

A new job? More money? A better relationship?

Or are your dreams more ambitious?

Perhaps you’d like to write the next great novel, appear on Oprah, and sell the film rights to Steven Spielberg for $1,000,000. Or go into space on Virgin Galactic. Or discover a cure for cancer. Maybe you want to go white water rafting in Ecuador, climb Machu Picchu, or visit Everest base camp.

What if creating what you want wasn’t dependent on believing in yourself, or even believing it was possible?

Top of the MountainSince July of 2009, over 1500 people have joined us for an online experience called “Creating the Impossible”. They’ve created new jobs, new relationships, and new income. People have lost weight, started companies, invented products, left bad situations, broken habits, and moved on with their lives in ways they hadn’t imagined possible. Many people “failed” at their initial project (after all, it was impossible to achieve in the time frame of the program by design) but re-invigorated their lives and work and went on to exceed their goals over time. Best of all, the community that formed around supporting one another in creating their impossible dreams was like an instant family that many people said was their favorite part of the experience.

Since that time, I have completely re-imagined and re-created the program based on the inside-out understanding of how our experience of life gets created. Simply put, there is a deeper intelligence available to us that will guide us in the creation of what we want in life whether we think it is possible at the outset or not.

Beginning on the 10th of January 2016, I will be leading a community of inspired creators on an adventure you’ll remember for a lifetime.

To get started, simply choose an “impossible” project to take on over the length of the program – anything from writing your first novel to losing 30 pounds to earning $50,000. The only two prerequisites for choosing a project are this:

1. You must believe you have a less than 25% chance for success in the 90 days of the program.

2. You must be so inspired about what it is you want to create that you will be glad of any time you invest in creating it, regardless of how things turn out

Hear from some of our past participants:

SupportTo support you in your adventure, you will receive:

1. Instant access to a 35 minute audio of my live talk about Creating the Impossible at Alternatives in London.

2. Daily audio inspiration from me every day from Sunday to Friday. I record these messages fresh throughout the program to help settle your thinking, spark your creativity, and catalyze insights into how to make the impossible possible.

3. Real-time coaching with me each Tuesday and with members of the Supercoach Team each Friday at 9am pacific/5pm UK/6pm CET.

4. Membership in an exclusive Facebook community where you can share your wins and “wow!”s, dissolve your challenges in love and laughter, and ask for community support in making your impossible dreams come true.

The only thing you need to bring to the table is something you’d love to create and a willingness to change your mind once and for all about what’s truly possible in your world…

Are you ready to begin?

While I will be creating many of the audios in direct response to what’s going on in the group, here’s an overview of the 12 weekly themes we’ll be exploring along the way to not only assist you in creating the impossible, but to ensure that you develop a deeper understanding of what it takes to be an effective creator in the world forevermore:

Week 1: Choosing your Impossible Project
Week 2: Creating From Nothing
Week 3: The Simplest Formula for Success
Week 4: Creating Momentum
Week 5: Building Your Success Team
Week 6: Do the Work
Week 7: Playing To Win

Week 8: Original Thought
Week 9: Life/Work Balance From the Inside Out
Week 10: The Home Stretch
Week 11: Your Most Enjoyable Week Yet
Week 12: Follow Your Dream
Week 13: Being a Creator

“I loved the calls which were very rich and helpful. I also loved the community.  So much learning and growing was done sharing and reading others thinking.  These two things improved so much my thinking about myself and how simply human I am and we all are.  How we all, ALL have something in common and are not alone. I learned that I  am OK.   I know I am human and not alone with my thoughts and issues.  That my issues and difficulties are not because I lack something.  That insights are on their own time frame and I can force anything here.  I allow myself to flow now, when as before I got anxious because I thought I would continuously fail if I was not being practical, proactive, creating, pushing for security, be it in work or other areas.  I am more open to trying anything I want again. Where there’s a will there is a way, if you so chose.  And if not – that is ok.”

– Holly Mitchell

Creating the Impossible 2016 program is underway and can no longer be purchased.

“It is difficult to say my favorite part of this program because unlike many other courses, here every part played off each other! I greatly appreciated the daily messages and homework. However, that was even More powerful reading what other people shared on Facebook. I read and posted more often than any class I have ever taken before!  The Q & A calls each week were also Incredible! I was Inspired and Moved by every one! While the Daily Messages seems to Inspire the other two, I felt they all wove together perfectly and made each part much richer!”

– Morgine Jurdan

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