Upcoming Programs

When she was a teenager, my daughter spent a semester traveling with me, helping out on my programs and getting to see a bit of the world. After about a dozen workshops, seminars, and trainings, she asked me “Dad, does anyone else notice that whatever the topic of your program, you always wind up talking about the same thing?”

I laughed and said “I suspect they do, but no one seems to mind because it’s such a cool thing.”

At the heart of every one of our programs is the invitation to meet your true self, wake up your soul, and begin showing up from a space of aliveness, creativity, and fun that you may have thought you had to leave behind if you ever wanted to make it in the world.

If that appeals, I look forward to meeting you (or seeing you again) on one of our upcoming programs!

July 1st-19th

September – January

September 19th-22nd – Denmark 🇩🇰

September 24th-26th, London 🇬🇧

October 7th-25th

Monthly Live and Interactive Community Calls

There are three ways to dive in and join our growing community!


We’ve re-jigged our Inner Circle memberships to better support you in your ongoing exploration, expansion, and grounding. You’re membership will be a safe harbor for you to rest, refresh, and re-inspire yourself between adventures and a lighthouse to guide your way when things get a bit rocky.

✔️ Inner Circle Silver members ($10 a month) get all of the perks PLUS a 20% discount off all programs under $500

✔️ Inner Circle Gold members ($99 a year) get all the perks PLUS a 40% discount on all programs under $500

✔️ Inner Circle Platinum members ($495 a year) get all the perks plus a FREE place on all programs under $500 AND so much more!

The Supercoach Cafe a community dedicated to mastering the art and science of transformation

Have you found yourself drawn to the coaching profession but put off by the constant hype, marketing, and forced positivity?

Do you prefer real-time laughter, challenge, and loving disruption to having to “believe in yourself” and learn an endless stream of strategies, steps, and systems?

Are you more interested in mastery than “faking it ’til you make it”?

The Supercoach Cafe was created with you in mind – a place where you can get ongoing support, training, and supervision in the art and science of transformative coaching.

Whether you’re a new, transitioning, or experienced coach, you’ll find a vast array of short-form lectures, mini-courses, and live interactive webinars to help you deepen your grounding, increase your impact, and fall in love (or back in love) with your business.

To join the community and learn more, click here.