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Have a question for Michael? Need technical support with your online account?

Get in touch using the contact form below. You can also email us direct at [email protected].

We will do our best to respond to you within 24 hours Monday through Friday :-) In the meantime we have already answered some of the most frequently asked questions in the section below the contact box.  


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Frequent Asked Questions

Help accessing my account/programs

‘tI cannot log in to my account on

  • Go to
  •  Click “login” in the upper right corner (or on the drop down menu on mobile)
  • Click the link at the “Lost my password”
  •  Enter the email you registered with.
  • You’ll be sent an email with a password reset link (be sure to check your spam/junk mail too).


I signed up for self-study courses and cannot find them. Please help

  • Log in to
  • You should be instantly directed to the “My Courses” page once you log in.
    • If you are logged in and still not on the “My Courses” page:
      •  If on Desktop: click “My stuff” (on the blue header all the way to the right)
      • If on a mobile device: Use the drop down menu and scroll down to near the bottom, click “My Stuff”
  • Once on the “My Courses” page. You should see all of your courses and self-study programs listed here.


I am trying to watch/listen to my course and the video/audio won’t play.

  • Does this happen on multiple devices?
  • Please try different device (PC, MAC, phone, or tablet)
  • Please try using a different browser (log in to on safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.)
  • Please clear your cache on your browser. Not sure how to clear cache?
    • hit ‘ctrl + F5’ on Windows and ‘command + R’ on Mac

Questions about

I cannot log in to my account on the Supercoach Café, please help.

    • If you are a registered member of the Café, then you likely need to reset your password.
    • If you are a lifetime member and used to be a member of the Transformative Coaches Café, your account is active on the Supercoach Café, but you must reset your password before you log in for the first time.
  • To reset your password:
  • Click “Login”
  • Under password entry box, you’ll see a link to reset your password. Click this.
  • Please be sure to check your junk mail for the automated password reset email.



How do I book Michael for an event?

To book Michael for a speaking engagement, please contact Lynne Robertson at [email protected].  It would be helpful to send as much information as possible such as dates and timings (and if they are flexible) location (in person or online event), the type of event and what you would like Michael to present.

How can I work with Michael for myself or my business?

If you are interested in working with Michael, take some time to read through this page for a list of current options. Do check back from time to time as sometimes new possibilities emerge. If you have specific questions, feel free to email us at [email protected].

I’d just like to ask Michael a question or have a quick chat with him. How can I do that?

Unfortunately, Michael has quite a full schedule and isn’t able to respond directly to individual emails or requests. Here are some of the best ways to keep in touch, including some options below which include live calls with direct access to ask Michael questions:

  • Subscribe to Michael’s free newsletter where he shares his latest insights and reflections on creativity, success, happiness, and the human condition. You’ll get access to his blog, podcast and more!


  • Join Michael’s Inner Circle. This is the best way to get direct access to Michael via monthly interactive webinars where you can ask questions and get real-time coaching from Michael. You’ll also have 24/7 access to the best material from the archives of Michael’s radio shows, blogs, tips, live talks, and workshops, as well as exclusive early-access to A Whole New Way of Thinking About… videos and discounted access to many of his live and online programs. 


  • If you’re a coach or helping professional, you can join Michael’s Supercoach Café. This is a place where you can get ongoing training, support, and supervision in the art and science of transformative coaching. Twice a month you will be invited to live interactive webinars – one monthly masterclass with Michael and one monthly supervision session where you get to listen in on an actual coaching session from one of your peers and listen live as a member of the Supercoach Academy mentoring team works with the coach to help them expand the scope of their impact and go deeper for themselves and with their clients. You also get 24/7 access to a vast array of short-form lectures and mini-courses to help you deepen your grounding, increase your own impact, and fall in love with the business side of the business!


I would like to become a coach, or I am interested in increasing my impact as a coach, what do you suggest?

The most popular offerings are: The Supercoach Cafe and Supercoach Academy.

Supercoach Cafe

Supercoach Cafe was created with you in mind. It is a place where you can get ongoing training, support, and supervision in the art and science of transformative coaching. Whether you’re a new, transitioning, or experienced coach, you’ll find a vast array of short-form lectures, mini-courses, and live interactive webinars to help you deepen your grounding, increase your impact, and fall in love with your business!

All yearly members of the Supercoach Café also get access to Coaching From the Inside Out Self Study Program. 

You’ll also have access to two live calls a month where you can ask Michael and his mentor coaches questions about coaching and life. You’ll also have access to a private facebook group specifically for Supercoach Café members. This is a space of community and conversation: Coaches connect, ask questions and talk shop about things that have come up for them.

Supercoach Academy

Supercoach Academy is often where people who want to practice as a coach end up. This program is quite all encompassing and the best offering we have for people who want to practice and impact the world through coaching. Supercoach Academy begins in January 2020 and runs through June.