At the simplest level, there are three fundamental principles or “forces” in play behind any and every experience a human being can have…

Universal Mind

There is a oneness to life – an energy that runs through everything like an animating spirit, invisibly bringing things to life like the electricity that stands ready to power any device we might choose to plug into it. It is pure potential, indiscriminately empowering whatever thoughts we drop into it like the lamp of a projector indiscriminately projecting the shadow of whatever passes in front of it onto a screen.

In this work, we describe this invisible ever-present energy as Mind, and the intersection of that universal force with our individual biology as “the deeper mind”. While it sometimes seems as though it exists outside of us, we can no more be truly separate from it than an individual wave from the ocean

Universal Consciousness

There is a capacity in every human being to be more or less aware of our experience in any moment. In the abstract, this capacity can be described as Consciousness – that within us which sees. It is like a mirror, reflecting whatever passes in front of it without being affected by it. It is the sky through which birds fly and inside of which clouds come and go; it is the space where miracles happen.

While Consciousness itself is universal and includes the potential for any and all experience, our personal level of being awake to that potential expands and contracts based on our current level of understanding of how things work.

Universal Thought

There is a pure creative potential in the universe which brings form out of the formless like, in the words of Syd Banks, “a magical paintbrush”. Thought is the spiritual energy through which both our habitual thinking and inspired ideas come to mind. It is the playdough of the universe, and we use it to create monsters and demons and heavens and angels with equal frequency.

Thought can create stress in the midst of a field of flowers in the middle of a sunny day or carve windows and doors into the edges of our world. Simply put, thought is the missing link between the formless potential of Mind and the separate realities we all live and work inside of.

The basic course in the inside-out understanding is simple:

Our experience of life is 100% thought created, moment by moment and thought by thought.

The advanced course is equally simple, if harder to see:

No, really!

This is the 7th time I’ve run the Advanced Course and the only time I’ll be running the program in 2022. Each day we’ll look behind the curtain of our experience together and see what we can see about the principles and how they create our day by day and moment to moment experience of reality.

Here’s what some of our students had to say about the program:

Michael I have really enjoyed this course! It is making such a difference, and providing a lot of insights. I come prepared with questions to each call, and then find they fall away. So I enjoy just listening with a beautiful feeling. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I’ve bloody loved this course. Thank you to everyone on here and a massive thank you to Michael Neill. What a beautiful exploration with Michael’s gentle guiding hand at the helm. I don’t have a specific takeaway but I know I am having a greater depth of understanding.

My heart feels full and I have found myself swimming in the ocean of oneness more frequently over these last few weeks. Loving all of you.

The 3 weeks of 3Ps is a deep dive indeed, I have changed, deepened my seeing. Reminding myself not to grab for the butterfly as it passes but to wait and let it find me. Thank you MN, it is a gift.

It’s been a wondrous journey over the last three weeks… I had amazing insights at the beginning and then lost my way through illness and pain, ending with a life changing conversation with Michael yesterday. For that I am so very grateful. I see that my moments of being in deeper wisdom and letting go of thought around pain eases my suffering.

A new journey is beginning.… I’m so excited! Thank you Michael with all my love to you XX

Week One - "No, really!"

It’s easy to read and listen to people talking about our spiritual and psychological nature and earnestly agree with or even believe them. It’s an altogether different thing to take a fresh look and see what YOU see for yourself.

During our first week together, we’ll go back to basics, exploring what it’s like to go from getting the principles conceptually to “getting the joke” and consciously living them in your life.

Week Two - "So what?"

Why does it matter to know whether we’re spiritual beings having a human experience or lumps of biological matter living out our time on the planet? Is it really that big a deal to know that we’re living in the feeling of our thinking, not the feeling of our circumstances? 

In the second week of our exploration, we’ll be taking a fresh look at the wider implications of the inside-out understanding in how we make sense of ourselves, our lives, and the world around us.

Week Three - "Yeah, but..."

One of the things that makes a “principle” a principle is that it’s always true no matter what. Yet most of us happily espouse the truth of the principles in some areas of our life while holding firm to our individual exceptions to the rule, generally expressed in some variation of “I know it’s just my thinking, but…”

Our final week together will be “exceptional” in the sense that we’ll be taking a deeper look at anything that seems to work outside-in – where our experience of ourselves and our life seems to be at odds with our understanding of who we are and what creates it.

Here’s how it works:

  • We’ll meet by video conference for an hour each day, Monday to Friday, at 8am pacific/11am eastern/4pm UK. I’ll get us started with a few “insight catalysts” and then we’ll dive in to our exploration, sharing what we see and don’t see with the intention of seeing more deeply and bringing both lightness and depth to our exploration.
  • By the end of the three weeks, you’ll be seeing the Three Principles in action everywhere, and instead of studying the implications in theory you’ll have the opportunity to experience them at play in your daily life.
  • All sessions will be recorded and the audio will be available for streaming or download. We’ll also have an exclusive group for participants that will open up on the April 18th.

Dates: May 2nd- 20th (Monday to Friday)

Cost $99 

With all my love,

This course has been a delight and a privilege. Thank you so, so much Michael for this extraordinary opportunity and to everyone who participated, especially all of the people who magically asked the exact questions that arose for me! I have loved this time with everyone, hanging out with the cool kids and having a life-changing conversation.

When I signed up for this course (which I was only able to do because it was so affordable, thank you!) my hope was that it would help me to actually live more insightfully rather than just understanding the principles in an intellectual way. I wanted the experience, not just the concept. My hope has been answered beyond all my expectations. So that’s my takeaway; I’m living more of it and it’s a joy!

This course has given me a priceless gift. My cup runneth over. Thank you.

For me, it has been a very enlightening three-week exploratory quest in the Amazon jungle. I felt that all of us were feeling our way around, sensing sounds and movements with different sensations, conscious perhaps of the personal gear we’re carrying, expecting perhaps different experiences. But we were all exploring what makes the beauty and majesty of the whole ‘jungle experience’, and how far Thought can take us and free us, to be in Mind, if we only let it.

All the while, the mighty river was running its course. We may have sensed it differently, but isn’t that what personal exploration is all about?

Sometimes, ‘thank you’ carries gratefulness that this most ordinary phrase we say hundreds of times a day is much too lame to convey. This is one such ‘thank you’, Michael and Lynne, with much love. My love and gratitude go also to everyone for all that energy and presence we all felt throughout the journey, whether thoughts were shared, or stayed floating in our personal minds.