Whether you’re new to the inside-out understanding, a lifelong learner, or even a slightly jaded seeker, the only requirements for entry are an open mind, a big heart, and (ideally) a bit of a sense of humor… :-)


The Inner Circle

A fun and friendly community open to all

We created the Inner Circle as a “next step” for people new to the three principles and a simple way to stay in the conversation for anyone.

You’ll get the chance to join me for monthly “Ask Me Anything” webinars,  exclusive early-access to our monthly “A Whole New Way of Thinking About…” video series, instant access to hundreds of additional hours of audio and video, and a 20% discount on many of our live and self-study programs. (Most Inner Circle members save far more than their $99 annual membership fee each and every year.)

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The Supercoach Cafe

A community dedicated to mastering the art and science of transformation

Have you found yourself drawn to the coaching profession but put off by the constant hype, marketing, and forced positivity?

Do you prefer real-time laughter, challenge, and loving disruption to having to “believe in yourself” and learn an endless stream of strategies, steps, and systems?

Are you more interested in mastery than “faking it ’til you make it”?

The Supercoach Cafe was created with you in mind – a place where you can get ongoing support, training, and supervision in the art and science of transformative coaching.

Whether you’re a new, transitioning, or experienced coach, you’ll find a vast array of short-form lectures, mini-courses, and live interactive webinars to help you deepen your grounding, increase your impact, and fall in love (or back in love) with your business.

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Going Deeper 

A place for spiritual exploration and awakening

Have you ever noticed that when you know, you know?

I created “Going Deeper in the Inner Circle” for those of you who know this is your path forward in life and would like to have me as a companion and guide on your journey. I think of it as a kind of secular “Satsang” – a Sanskrit word that means “gathering together for the truth” or, more simply, “being with the truth”.

And that is the primary purpose of this community – to gather together to be with the the truth of life and rest and revel in our own divine engineering

It includes all the benefits of the Inner Circle, but adds in an exclusive “Going Deeper” video and webinar each month and a 100% free place on every single program we offer under $500.

To join the community and learn more, click here.