Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

-Albert Einstein

I have spent over 30 years of my professional life on a mission to do three things:

🔷 To uncover the secrets of happiness, success, and wellbeing
🔷 To live them in my own life
🔷 To share the best of what I’ve learned with others

In the 10th anniversary edition of Supercoach, I share the fruits of this exploration in the form of three simple yet powerful objectives I have for all my coaching clients, whether they come to me as young entrepreneurs or established CEO’s, wannabe performers or well-known stars, lost souls or basically grounded people who’ve just lost their way:

  1. To come alive to the magnificence inside them
  2. To go beyond their psychology
  3. To create cool stuff in their world

I call the field I have created within the coaching world “transformative coaching”, because it focuses on unleashing butterflies instead of helping people to become more powerful caterpillars. For the tens of thousands of coaches who have trained with me over the past decade or so, working with people in this way has been liberating.

💡 Instead of focusing on how to become successful, we focus instead on unleashing the best our clients have inside them.

💡 Instead of trying to become master marketers, we develop the grounding and craft to become master coaches.

💡 Instead of trying to impress our clients (and potential clients) with our brilliant coaching, we seek to continually find new and better ways of being more impactful in their lives.

In 2014, I delivered a three day program called Coaching from the Inside-Out which was intended on being a “soup to nuts” comprehensive training in the art and science of transformative coaching. When I reviewed the self-study version of the program recently, I realized that my own grounding and craft as both a coach and teacher have developed sufficiently over the past decade that it’s time to have another go at gathering up a lifetime of uncovered wisdom and learned experience into what I hope will be the most impactful and enjoyable coach training you will ever do!

Here’s just a small fraction of what we’ll be exploring during our five days together:

Grounding vs. Craft
How much of our impact as coaches comes down to our love for and understanding of what makes human beings tick, and how much of it is the result of learned skills that can be acquired through repetition and practice?

Client-led vs. Coach-led
Traditional coaching models say that coaching should always be led by the client. But if your client comes to you with their eyes screwed shut balancing on the precipice of a cliff, do you really want to put them in charge of setting the agenda for your sessions together?

Achievement, Attraction, and Creation
If your clients have goals (and let’s face it, they probably do), your understanding of how things come into being in the world will be key in supporting them in the achievement, attraction, and/or creation of “the stuff of life”

A Whole New Relationship with Fear, Pressure, Stress, and Discouragement
What I sometimes call “the four horseman of the mental apocalypse” are sometimes considered the inevitable cost of an expanding and expansive life. But what if we could shift them from liabilities to assets? What if we could both experience them less often AND get tremendous value from them on those rare occasions that they do show up in our world?

Falling in Love with Growing Your Practice
Whether you already consider yourself a successful coach or you’re just starting out, how much you love (or hate) the business part of the coaching business will play a huge role in how quickly and effortlessly you’re able to grow that business. We’ll be challenging some of the fundamental assumptions of the coaching industry to begin creating a “perfect practice” for ourselves.

As soon as you register for this program, you’ll get instant access to the previous two versions of Coaching from the Inside-Out, as well as membership in my Supercoach Cafe. That membership will allow you to meet with me and members of my team three times a month in live webinars and give you access to hundreds of hours of recorded trainings and masterclasses focused on deepening your grounding, increasing your impact, and growing your business.

Your membership will run through June of 2024, so the sooner you join, the more time you get!

What our students have to say about training with Michael

Michael Neill’s intensives will help you unleash your brilliance and achieve greater impact in your conversations, relationships and business. Exploring the “source code” behind the human experience has effortlessly deepened my explorations with clients. When clients experience being tapped into their brilliance vs. habitual thinking spirals, they naturally show up at their best.

In the first intensive, I experienced the visceral difference between being lost in thought and being tapped into a flow of wisdom. Seeing the truth of who we are, how our mind works and how life works – naturally unlocks our human potential. Being a catalyst is an impact game changer both at work and at home! Thanks Michael and Team.”

Ian McKelvie

Managing Partner, Becauz LLC

Michael Neill’s training program is exquisite. I had originally been interested in the course to be able to help my existing clients more fully and with more depth.

I found myself changing and transforming as my depth of understanding in the inside out way of living and being grew. My practice members began having new insights into their lives and became empowered themselves. I also started seeing profound physical changes in them as they found new insights into life.

About halfway through the course, I realized that I’d fallen in love with the art of transformation itself. And I’d fallen in love with the possibilities for my business in exploring this new art form.

My passion for what I am creating in the world is invigorated and enlivened. Also as a nice side effect that seemed to happen all by itself, this past year was my highest ever year for both gross and net income in 22 years of practice. :)

More deeply help others, rekindle passion and make more money!

Dr. Sara O'Neill

the details

Book your place on

Coaching from the Inside Out 2024

Monday 22nd – Friday 26th April 2024

While this one-stop shop to deepen your grounding, grow your skills, and expand your practice was sold out months ago, we’ve just been able to secure a larger venue in Austin so there are now new places available.

Upcoming 5 day immersive events

 Beyond Coaching: Having conversations that change lives
May 31  June 4th, London, UK and livestreaming

The mystic Alan Watts spoke of the task and delight of learning to “to say what cannot be said, to eff the ineffable, and to unscrew the inscrutable.” Over these five days, we will be both having and learning to facilitate a transformative conversation that makes the invisible world of spirit glimpsable to all and actually presences the spiritual dimension of life.

There are no pre-requisites to this program other than a genuine curiosity (and ideally, a palpable thirst) for an experience of life beyond the form.

“Michael Neill is coach’s coach in the most positive sense of that phrase…he not only knows what it takes to succeed in coaching, he knows how to teach it to others.”

Steve Chandler

Bestselling author, speaker and coach


All your questions – answered :-)

Where is the intensive being held?

This intensive will be held in Austin, Texas. 

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Austin – University Area

1617 North Interstate 35 Austin, Texas 78702 USA


Will everything be recorded?

Yes!  You will have lifetime access to the streaming video and audio for the intensive.  

What are the timings for the intensives?

The live intensive will run from 10am-5pm local time, so if you are not in a Central time zone please check if it is a late or early start where you are. 

What is the cancellation/refund policy?

If you need to cancel for any reason up to 30 days before the start date, you will receive a full refund.  If you need to cancel for any reason after that, you will receive a credit for the full amount paid to be used for other trainings and programs at any time in the future.

“Somehow Michael and his team managed to create a tremendously insightful, impactful and engaging experience online. While the in-person attendees had great conversations in the room, we all had a ball online too, sharing experiences and giving up the love for the contributions we were all making as participants. Michael’s impact is not lessened online and I came away both impacted and with some excellent insights to use in my client work, which have already increased my impact in my sessions with them.”

Gina Hayden

Author of 'Becoming a Conscious Leader', and Director at Sphere Consulting Services (UK)