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Over the past decade, over 5000 people have joined me for an interactive online program called “Creating the Impossible”. People have used the program to create new jobs, new relationships, and new income. Participants have lost weight, started non-profits, invented products, left bad situations, broken habits, and moved on with their lives in ways they hadn’t imagined possible. But above all, they’ve created a whole new relationship with themselves and the creative process that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Beginning in January, 2024, you’ll get the chance to be coached, encouraged, supported, and challenged by me and the Creating the Impossible community in real time through a combination of weekly videos, short daily audios, and interactive group coaching sessions.

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

Walt Disney

What if you could accomplish more than you ever imagined with less stress and pressure than ever before? 

What if you could be supported and nurtured in your most heartfelt projects for the year ahead?

To get started, simply choose an “impossible” project to take on over the length of the program – anything from writing your first novel to losing 30 pounds to earning a ludicrous amount of money to changing the world for the better. The only two prerequisites for choosing a project are this:

1. You must believe you have a less than 20% chance for success in the 90 days of the program – in fact, the whole thing should sound a bit ridiculous to you!

2. You must be so inspired about what it is you want to see in the world that you will be glad of any time you invest in creating it, regardless of how things turn out.

So what would you love to create in the year ahead?

A new business? More money?  A better relationship?

Or are you drawn to creating a world to which everyone wants to belong?

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Nelson Mandela 

During her first CTI, Annabelle Braven, a 74-year-old novice wood carver, created  a 6ft (1.82m) carved totem pole starting out with no tools, wood, skills, or pace to work. It was a childhood dream come true, and she even managed to get herself and her project featured on the BBC!


One of the most enjoyable parts of the CTI for me was the overwhelming love and support from my fellow CTIers. I enjoyed connecting with a new group of kindred spirits, many of whom I would now call friends. The energy from the group is palpable and at times infectious. Many times somebody else’s concerns or anxieties would resonate for me and help me to see the bigger picture rather than getting lost in the minutia of my thinking.

When I set out to write my book I had two clear objectives. The first was perhaps somewhat selfish in so far as I wanted to collate many year’s worth of art, Post It notes, poetry, writings, quotes that spoke to me and notes jotted down from a variety of places and people. To that end I succeeded.

My second objective was to help other people realise that we are all creative. Sometimes though we think we aren’t; I certainly used to be in that camp. Not any more. I am a fully committed card carrying Creative! You too can join the club. The thing is you are already a member, we all are. You just don’t realise it yet. What have you got to lose? Take a chance. I promise you its worth it.”

Ian Russell, CTI 2022

CTI is indescribable and addictive, that’s why I’m so excited to be joining for the fourth time. This is the pre-Christmas gift I get to unwrap in January that carries me through the festive season on a wave of expectation each year. But you don’t know what it is when you unwrap it on day 1. It takes the whole 90 days before all the gifts are revealed. There are multiple gifts. There are great teachers, Michael and the Genius Catatlyst team and the cohort themselves. There’s the wonderful community, your heart will soar as you hear what some of the projects are and watch how they unfold. Being part of the coaching, watching insights light up other people and then having that happen to you, is priceless. There’s the unexpected, it always happens so is it expected, you never know until it hits you and everything looks different! Life changes whether you complete the impossible project or not, it’s the best use of your time and insanely good value.”

Lesley Darling, CTI 2021, 2022 and 2023

If you’re one of the hundreds of people who return to the program year in and year out, all you need to know is that we’ll begin this year on the 14th of January and I’ll be doing all new live videos each week.

If it’s your first time, here’s a more comprehensive overview. You’ll be supported in your impossible project by:

1. Thirteen brand new weekly videos from me each Sunday to kick start your week.

2. Sixty-five daily audio inspirations from me every day from Monday to Friday throughout the program. I created these audios to help settle your thinking, spark your creativity, and catalyze insights into how to make the impossible possible.

3. Thirteen live interactive coaching webinars with me each Tuesday and an additional 13 ‘bonus calls’ with members of the Genius Catalyst Team on Thursdays – that’s 26 hours of coaching in total. Tuesday webinars are scheduled to run for an hour from 10am PT/1pm ET/6pm UK and Thursday webinars will begin at 9am PT/Noon ET/5pm UK.

4. Membership in an exclusive online community where you can share your wins and “wow!”s, dissolve your challenges in love and laughter to get community support in making your impossible dreams come true.

5. Lifetime access to the streaming video and audio of the daily sessions and downloadable access to the community coaching webinars.


You’ll be able to use our  “Caffeine for the Soul” app to watch the videos, listen to the audios, and interact with the community on your smartphone!

The only thing you need to bring to the table is something you’d love to create and a willingness to change your mind once and for all about what’s truly possible in your world…

Have a look at what some of our ‘impossiblers’ have created that might inspire you…

“My project was to create an online live stream of the concert ‘INTO ETERNITY – a tribute to Vilma Grunwald’, based on a letter on display at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. The project was created to honour this beautiful woman who, while facing her death in Auschwitz, remained loving and so peaceful at heart. Her letter has touched and inspired so many people since the moment her son, Frank Grunwald, shared it with the world. Creating music to Vilma’s words has been a very special process, and in the end the song kind of wrote itself as I allowed myself to just follow her words.

It has been a mindblowing journey again with all of you. It has been amazing to witness so many miracles, so much love, so much wisdom shared by Michael, Lynne, Rob, and all the fellow Impossiblers – this entire amazing group of people.

What a gift and what a journey. THANK YOU.  Maybe one day I will write a CTI symphony!”


Marion Tilzer , CTI 2023

“My CTI complete- A brand is born.

I’ve created 105 candles,  350 wax melts & 90 reed diffusers to launch the brand with. Thank you so much for all the incredible support and for the amazing CTI team for your guidance. I’m spending next week tying up a few loose ends and then I’m re doing the programme using the app to get the brand in 100 salons/ spas. CTI has been an amazing experience!”


Ruth Langley, CTI 2023

I want to thank you for witnessing the creation of my surprise CTI, the fundraising concert for Ukraine which I was asked if I could create by the mayor with less than two weeks notice.

I have never done anything like this in my life.
It happened on Sunday and it was incredible.

The music and the musicians were utterly beautiful, sensitive and sincere. The church was so full we had to bring garden furniture from outside and the choirs had to gather in a separate chapel as there was no room for them in the front.

We created something very special that resonated with those who attended, had impact and will not be forgotten.

The speeches by the members of Parliament and the Deputy Mayor of London were short and inspiring . We were addressed by a Ukrainian woman whose words filled us with love and compassion.

I don’t think I’ve ever been in a space with so much love in it before. I hope it overflows where it’s needed.

I didn’t find any of the organising stressful. People have responded with such warmth and enthusiasm the whole thing has felt right from start to finish.

I’ve been getting messages ever since from members of the the audience expressing how deeply they were touched by the event and how inspired they have been by the music and words of the artists and speakers.

People have been donating generously to support the Disaster Emergency Committee’s work in Ukraine.

To date we have helped raise nearly £5,000, and donations are still coming in. This is more than I hoped for and we are all delighted.

In her speech the communication director from the DEC reminded us that every penny raised can help make a difference to someone who needs it. It’s good to know we have played a part in that.

We sat together in the huge, beautiful church, listening to the exquisite music of young men in their teens playing solos of Vivaldi and Paganini on the violin, Flamenco guitar and singing Nick Drake. We heard choirs and other artists, drank wine and donated cake with hundreds of members of our community from all walks of life and all ages.

We were only too aware that in Ukraine, similar demographics were gathered together sheltering from missiles, and the young men, like our talented musicians are dying for their country on both sides.

I laughed when the mayor described me as organised. To others I am certainly not. I jot the scattered contents of my brain onto the back of cardboard packaging and random scraps of paper like dictation as thoughts occur then I wait for the download of shape and form as it swims into focus.

I knew who to call and what to say in the moment. Not once did I panic or mistrust the process and it did not let me down. But nobody would ever think of me as organised!

I’m overwhelmed by the sheer beauty and power of the event, and feel very privileged to have been used to bring it together.

Heather Maîr Thomas, CTI 2022

The Floral ProjectWhen I began CTI in January 2020, I already had an idea that had arrived unannounced in my head 2 weeks before we began: To create a cut flower garden and put flowers on the corners of my daughters’ desks. Impossible because I had never gardened before and had zero interest in doing so until that moment.

Over the next 90 days, going step by step through the CTI program, that simple idea grew into The Floral Project, where I began sowing so many flowers, I decided to give them away to local charities – and decided it would be cool to support others to do the same. (Even though it was impossible as I still had  no idea what I was doing).

Then a totally impossible virus happened (so it was impossible to get compost and seeds), yet somehow a national TV station found out what I was doing and reported on the ‘good news during lockdown’ story, and the idea caught on all around the country. By the end of the 90 day program I didn’t yet have a single flower but something was born during that time.

Fast forward to October 2020 and I have managed to grow and donate over 100 bunches of flowers to our local age concern organisation clients, sourced, created and learned how to sell Flower Kits to fund the project (with no idea how to do this!) and The Floral Project has become a community of over 1,300 gardeners all growing flowers to give to hospices, key workers, elderly care charities and domestic violence units amongst others. Which I appear to be leading. Even though I still have no idea what I’m doing:) Totally impossible and yet somehow still happening.

Nicola Bird, CTI 2020

The Floral Project

Here are a few of my favorite “impossible” projects I’ve personally taken on over the past fifteen years or so:


  • Project bestseller – making my first book a bestseller in 90 days or less (which actually happened in just 28 days in a completely unexpected way)
  • Teaching a class in Spanish within 90 days despite speaking no Spanish at all when I began (delivered to a Spanish-speaking group on day 87 of the program)
  • Getting my first crossword puzzle published in the New York Times (still on the list, though they sent me a lovely and very encouraging rejection letter:-)

Dates: January 14th – April 12th 2024

  • Thirteen brand new weekly videos from me each Sunday to kick start your week.
  • Sixty-five daily audio inspirations from me every day from Monday to Friday throughout the program. I created these audios to help settle your thinking, spark your creativity, and catalyze insights into how to make the impossible possible.
  • Thirteen live interactive coaching webinars with me each Tuesday and an additional 13 ‘bonus calls’ with members of the Genius Catalyst Team on Thursdays – that’s 26 hours of coaching in total. Tuesday webinars are scheduled to run for an hour from 10am PT/1pm ET/6pm UK and Thursday webinars will begin at 9am PT/Noon ET/5pm UK.
  • You’ll be able to use our  “Caffeine for the Soul” app to watch the videos, listen to the audios, and interact with the community on your smartphone!

Cost: $199 

In addition to the basic program, each year I like to run a smaller “group within the group” (GWTG) exploring some aspect of what it takes to go beyond your own expectations of what’s possible without burning yourself out or running yourself into the ground. This year’s GWTG will be called “Getting Customers and Clients from the Inside Out”.

Rather than focusing on more strategies and tactics to apply, we’ll be looking at how our habitual thinking about what it takes to get ahead actually keeps us stuck, and how simple and powerful it is to rise up over the “tar pit” of our past experiences to inspire ourselves with new and fresh possibilities. When we tap into our own innate wisdom, the ideas that come to us are inevitably easy to implement because they feel like they were “made for us” – which in fact they are! 

If you decide to join me for this bonus program within the Creating the Impossible 90 day adventure, you’ll get an additional video every
Wednesday of the program where I’ll introduce a relevant theme in our  exploration. There’ll also be six additional Thursday webinars with me throughout the 90 days!

Cost: $299 for the Creating the Impossible 2024/Getting Customers and Clients from the Inside Out package

Want to join us for FREE?

Platinum members of my Inner Circle get free access to ALL our live and interactive programs (including this one!) throughout the year that are priced under $500. For a free place on Creating the Impossible 2024 AND instant access all of my online self study courses and video series (worth over $4000!), sign up today for just $495 and get things started!

My original project was to pay off my credit card in 90 days, but I stopped when I realised I didn’t have any idea what steps to take.  I’d be amazed if I listened to even 50% of the content or did the activities. I didn’t even finish the book! Then I had a thought one morning walking to work:

 “Maybe I’m supposed to learn that the impossible can happen without it being a lot of hard work. I bow out of everything unless I do all the tasks perfectly. Maybe that’s the learning. Today I am open to achieving the impossible without me needing to do much at all.”

To cut a long story short, I had to pop into the bank that day and ended up sitting down with a bank assistant who looked up my records for one thing but was shocked with my credit card debt and interest payments I was falling behind on. Less than two hours later, she had completed restructured my credit card debt into a bank loan and the credit card debt was paid off. I will be completely debt free in 24 months and she has saved me literally £1000s and endless sleepless nights.

When she hit send and managed to get the application through, we both realised it was a magic moment and started crying. (Yes – even the bank employee! She knew she had just changed my life and was so proud. We hugged even though I AM NOT A HUGGER and I told her about my CTI project. Here I was having done it – just not in a way I could’ve imagined!

Darika, CTI 2018

This was my third year doing Michael Neill’s Creating the Impossible program, and I’m finally beginning to “get” what creativity as a human being is really all about. I’m delighted to say that I completed my impossible project this summer and published my book, which went on to be an Amazon #1 bestseller!

The structure of the program with the daily audios and twice weekly Zoom calls was really good too and I was able to work around my commitments and participate live in more than 90% of the content which was really helpful. If you’re interested in stretching your mind about your own ability to create in this world, I highly recommend Creating the Impossible.

David Horne, CTI 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021

Time to share some of my totally amazing journey over the past 90 days…

What did I create ?

1. An amazing business
2. Website and branding along with some great marketing
3. I put out a big ask to someone I have respected for many years to see if they would agree to become a mentor … and they said yes without hesitation! … now I would have thought that was totally impossible 90 days ago
4. A foundation to support new start up business owners from disadvantaged backgrounds … wasn’t even on my radar 90 days ago.
5. I have exceeded my revenue targets for the coming year within these 90 days.

But here’s the bit that makes me smile…..

1. I’m no where near the same person that started this journey 90 days ago…..totally unexpected!
2. I have found a voice I never knew I had
3. I have a new insight to a wisdom from within that I had been denying all my life
4. I have a peace that my creativity flows from effortlessly.
5. I have an attitude to adventure like never before…time to live the adventure!
6. A interest in universal thought, conscience and mind that borders on compulsive … in these 90 days I have read all of Michaels books I hadn’t read at the time and everything Syd Banks has ever written.

Who could have foreseen that I would be writing these words 90 days ago?

Paul Snell

This year CTI is almost unbelievable for me, yet here it is.

My life changed because of it. I said in the beginning that it would take a miracle to have by the end of 90 days a loving relationship with my father, who has not only been absent my entire life, but also always denied that I was his child. As of January 2019 I have seen him only once, over 25 years ago. As of today, we have met, hugged, talked, toasted, had tender moments and laughed together, even missed each other. We call each other now, and yes it is over the phone and over the ocean, but for a kid who all her life heard “He left you, forget it” now to hear “I am so glad that you exist, and I am so happy that we finally are together” and “I will do anything for you” IS A MIRACLE. Anyone who have been adopted or grew up with a hole in his heart instead of love of a parent can understand how life-changing and affirming those words are. My father loves me – wow! Even more surprising is that I never expected myself to feel this much love towards him. If on January 21st anyone would have told me that this is how it’s gonna be, I would be the first to shake my head and call it impossible :) It was not even anything I considered for a project at that time…

Allowing life to surprise us is way better then insisting on what we want. I could have stuck with my chosen project (which btw also got done!), and miss this gift and healing of my soul. I could have postponed the trip till summertime, or more convenient time, and miss all the perfect coincidences that unfolded when I said Yes. I could have chickened out, as I have done in the past, and miss the amazing future that now I and my daughter have with her Grandpa, her cousin, her uncle – we are going on a trip together this summer! And CTI was a framework I needed to get over beliefs and doubts and go with inner guidance and knowing.

I do not believe I can do things in my life the same way I did before. I have seen a miracle after all. I am I the process of looking for a job now, and it is my own new CTI, allowing life to surprise me. I am delighted being in this process, because I KNOW my right place is waiting for me and we are on a collision course. My trust in the Invisible Giant, Divine plan, my highest good is as solid as in the fact that my father loves me.

Thank you Michael and the team. Thank you everybody who participated. Each one of you were an important and irreplaceable part of my miracle.”

Elena, CTI 2019