Creating the Impossible 

A 90 Day Program to Get Your Dreams Out of Your Head and into the World 


What if you could accomplish more than you ever imagined without the constant stress and pressure associated with ‘high achievement’? What if creating what you want to see in the world isn’t dependent on believing in yourself, or even believing that it’s possible? Whether you want breakthrough results for your business, yourself or your life, this book will change the way you see yourself as you learn to make the impossible possible!

If you’re ready to tap into the infinite power that is within you and truly see what is POSSIBLE, this is the book for you. In a fun and practical way Michael will be your coach and guide as you take on the impossible. Take a leap of trust today and prepare to be amazed at the results.

Iyanla Vanzant

Michael Neill’s Creating the Impossible liberates us from limitations and ignites the fire of creativity that yearns to find free expression in, as, and through us. Whatever your dream, this book will be your trustworthy guide for cultivating the creative courage to bring it into manifestation.” – Michael Bernard Beckwith

‘What I love about Michael’s work is the accessibility. There’s no ego attached, no grandiose musings, just thought provoking conversations and real tools to give us the power to turn ideas into reality. Buy it. Read it. Mostly importantly use it.’

– Shaa Wasmund MBE

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Here’s an excerpt from the introduction:

What’s Your Impossible Dream?

What’s the craziest, most outlandishly wonderful thing you can imagine doing over the year ahead? Is it starting a new business? Paying off your debts? Traveling the world?

Do you want to write a book, sell your screenplay, or show your art in a gallery? Maybe you want to knock off one of your perpetual New Year’s resolutions and learn Italian, run a marathon, or finally fit into that dress you’ve been keeping in your closet.

Or do you long for something even more ambitious – to become a leader in your field, meet and marry your one true love, add a couple of zeros to your income, and make a significant difference in the world?

If these dreams sound ridiculous, or even impossible, good. In fact, that’s kind of the point…

Over the past seven years, thousands of people have joined me for an online adventure I call ‘Creating the Impossible.’ I encourage participants to choose something they want to create that’s far beyond their current sense of what’s possible. By the time the program is complete, they’ve often met or exceeded their own expectations of how much can be created in a
limited amount of time. They’ve created new jobs, new relationships, and new income. They’ve lost weight, started companies, invented products, left bad situations, broken habits, gotten married, and moved on with their lives in ways they hadn’t thought possible. More importantly, they’ve unleashed something fundamental inside themselves and learned to live their lives with an ever-expanding sense of possibility.

How have they done it? They’ve come to understand a simple truth about the mind that we’ll explore together throughout this book – what I call ‘the inside-out understanding’ – and woken up to a deeper part of themselves – their innate health, creativity, and resilience.

For the past 40 years or so, people have been using this knowledge to create results that seemed impossible and foolhardy to even contemplate:

  • A couple met, fell in love, and now travel the world as the leaders of a non-profit organization, sharing what they see as the one solution to all global problems (pp.83–84).
  • A project team from a software company took a year off and started a clothing line (pp.193–95).
  • An aerospace company cut the production time on an 18-month military project in half without increasing the budget or giving their employees heart attacks along the way (pp.205–206).
  • A biotech company found an extra US$200 million in earnings during a three-day exploration of how the mind worked (pp.209–210).

Now it’s your turn!

In the first part of this book, ‘Making the Invisible Visible,’ I’ll guide you through the creative process and introduce you to the principles behind the inside-out understanding. You’ll gain a new appreciation for how the mind works that will make it easier than ever for you to navigate the highs and lows of daily life while creating inspired and inspiring results in the world. I’ll illustrate the secrets of effortless (and exponential) productivity and share the formula for creating that I’ve taught to nearly all my corporate and individual clients over the years – a simple two-step process that makes creating pretty much anything a straightforward proposition.

Then in the second part, ‘Making the Impossible Possible,’ I’ll coach you through a 90-day program that will help you get your own impossible dreams out of your head and into the world. The only things you’ll need to bring to the table are something you’d love to create and a willingness to change your mind once and for all about what’s truly possible in your world.

Want to read more? Click here to download the rest of the introduction and all of chapter one!

Creating the Impossible is the latest in the nourishing flow of enlightenment from Michael Neill. What impresses me most about all his books is that they are incredibly three-dimensional—something happens in the reading of them that connects your consciousness to the power of the words. Read it and be changed.” ” – Gay Hendricks, Ph.D

Shama KabaniAs creatively encouraging as The Artist’s Way – truly helpful for anyone who wants to dream big and live life to the full!

–  Shama Hyder

Mike Dooley


Thoughtful, spontaneous, inspired, lofty, down to earth, and with the clarity and good humor to make it highly usable” – Mike Dooley 

Free 7 Day Jumpstart Video Program

In order to help you jumpstart your impossible journey, inside the book you’ll find an access code to view a complimentary 7 day video series. The videos are designed as an accompaniment to the book and will help get you up and running on making your impossible dreams come true and bringing your impossible projects to fruition.

Here’s the first video to whet your appetite for creation…

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Interview with Nicola Bird, host of

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Creating the Impossible is a work of genius.  It is packed with epiphanies,  eurekas, and insights that will jumpstart your creativity and help you live a life you love.” – Robert Holden

Paul_McKennaWhen Michael first shared the principles behind Creating the Impossible with me, I was rather skeptical. They seemed too simple and too good to be true. However, since that time, I have become even happier in myself and more successful. I recommend you try it as well.” – Paul McKenna