Years ago, one of my coaches said to me “you’ve created a masterpiece of a life on a postage stamp of possibility”. Since that time, I’ve come to see that most of us are living in only a small circle of an infinite potential, unaware of what’s really possible and too insecure and/or comfortable to look deeper.

Infinite Potential, Infinite Possibilities is a small group coaching intensive designed to expand the size of your circle. It will help you to increase your productivity, evolve your creative expression, and unleash your impact by taking a fresh look into what’s really possible in the world.

At the beginning of our three days together, I’ll be asking you for a “wish list” of changes you’d like to make and things you’d like to create as a result of our time together.

We’ll then put the list to one side for a while as you learn to find, rest in, and operate from a deeper space inside yourself. When we take a look at things from a quieter, more settled down place within us, the intelligence of the higher mind begins to emerge and guide the way.

By the end of the three days, you’ll have a fresh take on both your list and your life. Most people report they feel better than they have in ages – refreshed, recharged, and ready to take on the world. And because of the transformative nature of this work, the impact of these three days will continue to unfold over the weeks and months to come.


The intensive was like another world.

The first thing that struck me about the 3-day intensive was the simple fact that I was pulling up to Michael’s house.  It was a feeling like going from sitting in a high tech massage chair with information-electrodes attached to my skull (in a good wayJ), to a cozy bean bag chair in front of a dear friend’s hearth.

Although there wasn’t really a bean bag chair or a fire (it was Southern California in Summer after all), there was a ginormous, ridiculously friendly dog, a cozy couch, and an immediate, barefoot, ‘I’ve-got-your-back sentiment’ (come to think of it, I actually did have  my shoes off in the first 5 minutes.)

I don’t think I heard the exact phrase spoken until day 2 – but Michael’s familiar “What would be great?” question was held in the space he provided.

I could go on about the atmosphere alone – and I think I already have because it’s so difficult to put words to the experience.

Bullet points are always helpful, so here goes:

  • I went there wanting to solve things.  Some things were solved as a byproduct of slowing-down, but the best thing was the feeling that nothing had to be solved.
  • I saw that what I was striving to accomplish professionally, I was already doing, and I left feeling ok with Wisdom’s time-frame instead of that of my made-up expectations.  Relaaaax, and enjoy the process.
  • The feeling of “Pals” (for a deeper understanding of this, please refer to the movie, “Young Guns.”  “Tombstone” was also mentioned – “I’m your Huckleberry” … there will be inside jokes.)
  • I witnessed the physical transformation of those who attended – the outer reflecting the inner.
  • Questions, queries, challenges and musings that all were struggling with, and posed on the first day, were mostly answered or had dissolved by the beginning of the 3rd day… Those that needed additional attention were explored on day 3, leading to rich conversation and deeper understanding.
  • I have been devoting a lot of my bandwidth to a relationship for years… Michael’s curiosity, and a surgical strike question, finally gave me the clarity that I was seeking.  And, bring it on home to bullet-point number 1, and emphasized by the message on the flip chart – “decisions aren’t made,” and nothing has to be solved, until it is.

I saw so much.  I felt so cozy.  I have clarity, and when I don’t have it, I know it’ll come.

I would definitely do this again and again.  Thanks, Michael.


Karen DiMarco, RN, BSN, iRNPA


  • Upcoming dates: February 16th – 18th (Thursday to Saturday)
  • Your investment is $5,000
  • Each group will be led by me and will have a maximum of 8 participants.
  • All sessions will be held in Woodland Hills, California. Each session will run from approximately 10am – 5pm with breaks throughout the day.
  • Most groups are first come, first served. However, you may apply to have a group run exclusively for your team, work group, or family. (Dates available on request)

In order to get the most out of the program, we recommend at least an introductory exposure to our work. You can read more about the inside-out understanding here. As well as my books, you can find a wide variety of articles and video clips here.

With all my love,



The small group coaching intensives are one of my favorite ways of working with Michael. Not only do you get the benefit of one-on-one coaching with Michael in the group setting, but you also get to witness other people’s work – which can open doors inside yourself you didn’t know existed! I’ve had insights in these groups that have created tectonic shifts in my life, shifts that have helped me to create a beautiful romantic relationship and to reconnect with my passion for painting. I wholeheartedly recommend participating in these groups if you have the chance!

Sandra Koenig

Branding Harmony


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