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Years ago, one of my coaches said to me “you’ve created a masterpiece of a life on a postage stamp of possibility”. Since that time, I’ve come to see that most of us are living in only a small circle of an infinite potential, unaware of what’s really possible and too insecure and/or comfortable to look deeper.

Infinite Potential, Infinite Possibilities is a small group coaching intensive designed to expand the size of your circle. It will help you to increase your productivity, evolve your creative expression, and unleash your impact by taking a fresh look into what’s really possible in the world.

At the beginning of our three days together, I’ll be asking you for a “wish list” of changes you’d like to make and things you’d like to create as a result of our time together.

We’ll then put the list to one side for a while as you learn to find, rest in, and operate from a deeper space inside yourself. When we take a look at things from a quieter, more settled down place within us, the intelligence of the higher mind begins to emerge and guide the way.

By the end of the three days, you’ll have a fresh take on both your list and your life. Most people report they feel better than they have in ages – refreshed, recharged, and ready to take on the world. And because of the transformative nature of this work, the impact of these three days will continue to unfold over the weeks and months to come.

 Upcoming live dates: 

September 24th – 26th 2024 (Tuesday-Thursday)  – Central London 🇬🇧


  • Your investment is $5,000 and includes TWO one on one session with me that we’ll schedule when you book.
  • Each group will be led by me and will have a maximum of ten active participants.
  • Sessions will run from approximately 10am-5pm local time, with breaks throughout the day.

If you want to be coached in depth by me personally for a fraction of the cost of being a private client, we’ve added in two one on one sessions with me as a part of the program. 

These small group intensives fill up quickly – the last twelve have all sold out long before the programs began.

I’ve taken to describing my role on these events as being like “an Uber driver of the soul”. You are the agenda – igniting your potential and unleashing your possibilities in every area of the world.

With all my love,



‘At the beginning of Infinite Potential, Infinite Possibilities, Michael told us that the program would be like a time-release capsule – that over the coming days, weeks, and months, as we saw things differently, we would notice the effects of our 3-day conversations showing up in ways that were 100% reliable and 98% unpredictable.  One week later and already– holy f**king mother of God! I want to say the experience is beyond words, but a cliche cannot do justice to how far beyond words the experience was for me. 

If you are on the fence as to whether or not to work with Michael, I would say that if you’re still into complexity and struggle, don’t do it; if you’re ready for your life to get a whole hell of a lot easier, do!

Demi McConkie

As the owner of a Digital Marketing Agency with 40 staff and offices in the UK and North America, I found myself working 60+ hours a week and never taking a holiday. Over time this began to impact my well-being and personal relationships. Despite early warning signs, I kept going – telling myself I was doing it for my family and working every hour was part of my identity. It was ‘who I am’. I enjoy it really.

However, like so many people in my situation, I received a reality check. In September 2018 I lost some feeling in my arms and legs. After seeing a Neurologist and having an MRI, I was told it was all stress related – which I thought was strange because ‘I love the hustle and the grind’.

The Doctors told me I had to take a break, so I took a 5-week sabbatical. During this time I invested $5000 to do an intensive with Michael Neill for 3 days. I’d come across his books in the past and always felt better after reading them. I often used his content to help me get through my manic lifestyle, and figured I just needed a bigger dose to get fit again so I could return to ‘the grind’.

To say I got more than I bargained for would be an understatement. During a 3 day conversation with Michael, I went through something that I can only describe as a transformation (which feels strange writing because is not really the language I normally use). I stopped tying my happiness to my business, and started to see the world completely differently; recognising I’m OK, whatever happens, and I can create what I’d previously thought impossible from a place of calm, and measured well-being.

Michael reminded me that I perform best with when I’m happy and relaxed, with less on my mind. And my only job was to look after myself so I can operate from that place, and trust that ‘future Marcus’ – Marcus in the moment – will think of the right thing to say and do at any time.

Four months on from the course, nearly all the neurological symptoms have gone, I’m only working 4 days a week (and normal hours during those days), my relationships are better and business is doing really well. I have space for insights that are taking the business to the next level and am feeling energised by work. Don’t get me wrong, I still have low moods and bad days, but I’m able to reflect more and see them for what they are; temporary, and away from my true nature.

Most importantly, I’ve fallen in love with my life again. I’m enjoying the present moment, rather than putting my happiness off until we hit a certain turnover target or I achieve a particular goal.

If you’re reading this and wondering whether it is worth the investment (for me it was the most I’d ever spent on personal development, so was unsure), I can honestly say it’s the best money I’ve ever spent on myself. I hate to think what my life would be like now had I given into doubt and not booked on the intensive with Michael.

Marcus Hemsley

Co-Founder , Fountain Partnership

‘I had the most insane experience in a 3-day intensive, and I feel this overwhelming need to share it. I was stuck in this analysis paralysis, unable to make my next move because I was stuck thinking about how the last couple of years have turned out.

I could not stop mulling over the question: how can I grow my practice and still be available for my nearly three-year-old twins Danny and Arya?

Bit of background, I left my career of 15 years to stay at home with the twins and grow my business simultaneously (not as easy as it looked on social media). In year one, I stressed myself to the point that my body began to shut down with a condition called Bells Palsy. Year 2, well, that was 2020, and no one thought a pandemic would be on the horizon.

Almost two years later, I was still skeptical of getting back in the saddle and pushing myself to the point of a second hospital visit.

And this is why I believe you would be insane not to spend a weekend with Michael Neill.

Michael somehow has a way of speaking to the room in such a way that he found ways to bring in my love for gaming, parenting, and so much more.
I can’t tell you what shifted that weekend, but analysis paralysis seems like a thing of the past. When it shows up, I don’t stress out about it and get back to living my beautiful life.’

Danny Cobbin

Transformative coach

‘Dutch people are notoriously unimpressed, so the 3 day intensive with Michael made me seriously doubt my nationality. It was truly inspiring and invigorating and, yes, it changed my life. Although he’s one of the most normal guys I’ve ever met, Michael is truly one of a kind. He’s got the magical capability to make you feel safe and appreciated and listened to, and at the same time deeply challenged and lovingly provoked.

There’s something unique about being immersed in a place of total trust with a couple of strangers, and starting to see the world with completely different eyes. It’s like a gentle wake-up call for your soul, a profound kick in the butt in the direction of infinite possibilities. Being part of a 3 day session with Michael is about as transcending as it gets.

Go for it, you’ll hug me later!’

Marnix Pauwels