Nicotine Addiction

Jo Swift

When I read Michael’s book, I understood it ‘intellectually’. I knew it made sense, but it didn’t immediately make a difference to my own reality.

I decided that I would just sit with it for a while and wait to see what changed. I had been having a problem with an addiction to nicotine gum for a couple of years. I had managed to give up smoking with the help of the gum, but couldn’t stop chewing it, to the point where I was spending upwards of £40.00 per week on gum!

I felt terrible about the whole situation, my husband and two sons didn’t know what I was doing and the guilt and subterfuge I was going through was like torture. After reading Michael’s book and letting it sink in, I realised that the craving feelings I was having when I didn’t chew the gum were just transient and directly linked to my thoughts. As soon as this became clear I stopped chewing nicotine gum and it has now been 5 days since I chewed it. I know that I won’t start again and I can’t believe how easy it was, in fact I feel a bit stupid – something I thought was impossible was actually nothing at all. Michael, I just want to say thank you, you have rescued me from a horrible situation.

To all those sceptics out there like me, I would say just read the book and let its message sit with you for a while to see what happens.


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