Want to Wake Up to a Whole New Way of Being in the World?

Over the past year, I’ve been recording a series of short video programs (20 – 30 minutes each) sharing the implications of the inside-out understanding as they relate to some of the most important areas of our daily lives.

Until now, these videos have only been available to members of my Inner Circle – but from today you can get any or all of the first six videos in the series for only $19.95 each or $99 for the complete set of six.

Topics covered in the series so far:


High Performance




Weight Loss

“All you have to know is that everything is created from thought – you don’t have to know anything else.” Syd Banks

Are you ready to begin?

When you order, you’ll automatically get a complimentary copy of A Whole New Way of Thinking About Thought added to your purchase– it serves as both an introduction and overview of the principles behind the inside-out understanding at the heart of the entire series.


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“Thought is the play doh of the universe.” Michael Neill