Michael Neill is an internationally renowned transformative coach and the best-selling author of five books including The Inside-Out Revolution and The Space Within. His weekly radio show, Living from the Inside Out, has been a listener favorite on Hay House Radio for over a decade and his TEDx talk, ‘Why Aren’t We Awesomer?’, has been viewed by over 150,000 people around the world.

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The culmination of a year-long project I embarked on with Hay House last March – an eight part video series on the Three Principles, filmed live in front of a studio audience and presented in a series of progressive and “bite-sized” lessons. The program is called The Path of Effortless Change, and you can read all about it, watch a video intro, and order your copy for 50% for a limited time only by clicking here.

This week on Hay House Radio

So You Want To Be A Writer? 

Drawing on my experience of writing and editing over a thousand blog posts and a dozen bestselling books, this week I will share my personal insight into what it takes to be a happily successful and surprisingly productive writer! Join in for tips on tackling whatever might be holding you back from thriving as a writer today!

You can listen to the show this and every Thursday – simply go to hayhouseradio.com at 12pm Pacific / 3pm Eastern / 8pm UK.

So You Want To Be A Writer?

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Caffeine for the Soul

Creativity, God, and a Really Good Cup of Coffee

With religious festivals from both sides of the aisle in full flow over the past week, my now 22 year old son Oliver is visiting home and taking a break from his job…

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What’s Your Highest Goal?

The other morning, I was driving my daughter Maisy to school when she asked me “if you had a dollar for every time you overthought things, how rich would you be?”….

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Reflections on a Sunday Morning

At the heart of all the work I do is the understanding that we live in the feeling of our thinking – that things like excitement and concern are no different than….

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The Path of Effortless Change

A number of years ago, I was approached by a TV producer asking me if I would consider doing a show on eating disorders. When I asked her how she found me, she said that I had helped a friend…

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The Three Impacts of a Transformative Coach

I’ve been doing a lot of coaching lately in a variety of different mediums. In the past week, I’ve spent ten minutes or less coaching over two dozen people, an hour or so coaching five people…

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The Two Keys to Unconditional Self-Confidence

Since I read my first self-help book back in 1986 (Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualization), I’ve noticed that broadly speaking they fall into three distinct if occasionally overlapping categories. The first is…

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How Do You Explain the Amazing Potential of the Mind to Kids?

One of the metaphors for the mind I have been using since the book Supercoach came out is of a movie projector. In that example, I talked about the mind as the power source for a movie projector. Thought is like the film, an ever-present but ever changing…

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The Aristotelian Goldilocks Principle

In his books on Nicomachean ethics, the Greek philosopher Aristotle pointed out that “a virtue is the mean between two vices”.  While we tend to think of virtue and vice in terms of “good” and “bad”, but in Aristotle’s time the term “virtue” was more closely related…

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Do Nothing, Change Everything  – New FREE Video Series

I’m excited to announce that Hay House are releasing their first ever Three Principles video series, Do Nothing, Change Everything.

In Do Nothing, Change Everything, I share the secrets of why it’s so hard for us to let things be easy, how to improve any relationship through a simple shift in understanding, and how habits (and even addictions) can change without massive amounts of self-imposed discipline or willpower.

For instant access to the first video, Why Is It So Hard to Let it Be Easy?, click here, type in your email, and get started!

Upcoming Events and Programs with Michael Neill

Writers Weekend Header

Are you a writer, which is to say you spend time most weeks writing, an author, which is to say you pour your writing between the covers of a book or screenplay, or simply someone who has something worth sharing and would like to get better at putting thoughts into words and words onto a blank page for others to read?

We put ourselves into all three of these categories at times, and are very much looking forward to sharing what we’ve learned over the course of writing dozens of books (including ten bestsellers) and helping others write dozens more (including Paul McKenna’s bestselling “I Can Make You…” series with over seven million copies sold worldwide).

Over the course of the weekend, you’ll have the chance to transform your relationship with:

  • Getting started
  • The creative force
  • Putting in the hours
  • Writer’s block
  • Judgement and criticism
  • Getting published

and much, much more!

As soon as you sign up, you’ll get access to a private FB group and resource page where Steve and I will be answering questions and sharing some of the resources we use to stay inspired in our own writing!

Michael Neill on Getting a Book Deal

The Writer’s Weekend – April 29-30, 2017

Live in Los Angeles, CA or Live-streaming from anywhere in the world

Cost (including recordings): $795


Upcoming dates:

May 14th – 16th in London – ONE PLACE AVAILABLE 
May 17th – 19th in London – SOLD OUT
June 14th – 16th in Los Angeles 


  • Each group will be led by me and will have a maximum of 8 participants.
  • Each session will run from approximately 10am – 5pm with breaks throughout the day.
  • Most groups are first come, first served. However, you may apply to have a group run exclusively for your team, work group, or family. (Dates available on request)

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