Michael Neill is an internationally renowned transformative coach and the best-selling author of five books including The Inside-Out Revolution and The Space Within. His weekly radio show, Living from the Inside Out, has been a listener favorite on Hay House Radio for over a decade and his TEDx talk, ‘Why Aren’t We Awesomer?’, has been viewed by over 150,000 people around the world.

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I’m incredibly excited to be releasing a brand new self-study program called The Obstacle Course to Success. If you’re interested in developing your capacity for going for, getting, and having what you want in every area of your life, I think you’ll love this inside-out perspective on handling obstacles and unleashing the best you have inside you!

​In each session, I share insights into the nature of creation, obstacles, and how the mind works that turn the game of success on its head and make it obvious why there are times when creating what you want seems effortless and other times where it feels like a constant struggle.

Each session also contains an assignment – either a thought experiment or a real-world exercise to highlight the key points and catalyze your own insights and breakthroughs.

I devoured the course in an afternoon, being the compulsive type (I’m the same with cookies and ice cream) and now I’m enjoying dipping back in, a session or two at a time, and appreciating it just as much the second, third, fourth time through…

More than practically any other course I’ve followed, I find there’s no end to what this can give you, because each time you listen you get deeper understanding and insight.

This week on Hay House Radio

What’s Your Job?

So many of us have been taught that “if it’s to be, it’s up to me,” but what if that’s simply not true? Tune in live for a fascinating exploration of responsibility, possibility, and a whole new way of being in the world!

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Living A Guided Life

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Caffeine for the Soul

The Ultimate Gift of Gratitude

I’ve never been terribly good at giving thanks. One of the more infamous stories from my childhood involved my saying, “Thank you for the yucky present” to my favorite aunt and uncle which while it does get me points for honesty seems a bit churlish in retrospect….

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Does Setting Goals Actually Help?

I am in the midst of a renovation project – the renovation of one of my early books, Supercoach, from how things looked like to me a decade ago to how they look to me now. Here’s a section from the chapter “The Problem With Goals”…

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Why Cancer isn’t Scary and Death isn’t Sad

A couple of days ago, I posted one of my favorite Syd Banks quotes to Facebook:
“Mental sickness is created when we put feelings onto objects. But if you can see the objects without the feelings, then you are healthy.”…

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Deadlines, Pressure, and Performance

I’ve been spending a lot of time of late thinking about pressure – the feeling of having to get on and do or achieve something lest some gradually closing in on you monster reaches up out of the darkness and eats you alive…

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The Balloon of Consciousness and the Tarpit of Experience

When I’m working with a client during a multi-day intensive, I will from time to time do a “reset” and ask them “If our time together was starting right now, what would you want to have come from it? What kinds of things would you like to explore?….

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Two Surprisingly Unsurprising Keys to Long-term Success

Over the weekend, I had a chat with someone who used to run his own advertising agency and is now the creative director for a much larger agency. He was saying that while the big agencies obviously have an edge in terms of being able to recruit and pay over the odds for top talent, the real edge they have..

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Intention vs. Volition

One of the questions that has been fascinating me in my work as both a coach and business owner over the past couple of years is this:
How do we create in a world where we are not in control? In last week’s blog, I pointed to two key elements that seem to always be present in any answer to this question…

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The Two Ingredients for Creating Significant Results in the World

As a coach, I spend a fair bit of time looking at the differences that make the difference between the great and the good, the impactful and the impressive, and between what reliably works for everyone and what occasionally seems to work but…

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The culmination of a year-long project I embarked on with Hay House last March – an eight part video series on the Three Principles, filmed live in front of a studio audience and presented in a series of progressive and “bite-sized” lessons. The program is called The Path of Effortless Change, and you can read all about it, watch a video intro, and order your copy by clicking here.

A few months back, Ajit Nawalkha, the CEO of Evercoach, asked me if I could create a program specifically designed to teach executive coaches how to bring the inside-out understanding into their work. I’m delighted with the way the program came out, and am excited that it’s now available for purchase!

In Impacting Leaders: The Art & Science of Coaching in the Modern World, I share the best of what I’ve learned in over 25 years of coaching CEOs, celebrities, royalty and high achievers in every area of life. It’s perfect for principles-based coaches who want to work with high-impact clients no matter how successful, famous, or wealthy they already are. It’s also the perfect introduction to coaching from the inside-out for executive coaches who want to bring this understanding into their work.

To take your coaching practice to the next level, please click here to learn more.


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