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The Basic Course About Community Self-Study Podcast Work with Michael Live Programs Want some loving disruption for your life? Each of these self-paced video catalyst programs is designed to transform your relationship with a life skill for the better, including...

Creating the Impossible 2021

  We’ve challenged ourselves to upgrade our online resources in the form of two new websites and a couple of apps we hope to have live by mid-April. We launched the first of the websites recently for participants in this year’s Creating the Impossible and just...
Creating the Impossible 2021

Creating the Impossible 2021

Sunday, 17th of January – Friday, 16th of April

1. Thirteen brand new weekly videos from me each Sunday to kick start your week.

2. Sixty-five daily audio inspiration from me every day from Monday to Friday throughout the program.

3. Thirteen live interactive coaching webinars with me each Tuesday and an additional 13 ‘bonus calls’ with members of the Genius Catalyst Team on Thursdays – that’s 26 hours of coaching in total.

4. Membership in an exclusive Facebook community where you can share your wins and “wow!”s, dissolve your challenges in love and laughter, and ask for community support in making your impossible dreams come true.

5. Lifetime access to the streaming video and audio of the daily sessions and downloadable access to the community coaching webinars.

Creating the Impossible 2021

Creating the Impossible 2020

We’ll begin this year on the 19th of January and I’ll be doing all new live videos each week and including a full week of new audios as well! You’ll be supported in your impossible project by: 1. Thirteen brand new weekly videos from me each Sunday to kick start your...
Supercoach Online Immersion Program

Supercoach Online Immersion Program

Join internationally renowned transformative coach Michael Neill, bestselling author of Supercoach and The Inside-Out Revolution, for a full immersion into the world of principles-based transformative coaching!

You can now get all 16 hours of your virtual Continuing Coach Education Units for the annual renewal of your ACC, PCC or MCC Certification by taking part in two of our most popular self-study programs, Coaching from the Inside-Out (full price $495) and Supercoach (full price $99).

✔️ Coaching from the Inside-Out Self Study – 14.5 CCEU

✔️ Supercoach Self-Coaching Program – 4 CCEU

Save over $200 for a limited time only.