There is Just Love

What I loved in that room was the abundance of respect, openness, love and genuine kindness. We started with an eager listening of Michaels way to approach the topic of thriving and happiness. More and more then, we listened to each other. And we left on the last day listening to our inner wisdom and in touch with our well-being.

Laughter and questions accompanied the program all the way through. It wasn’t a lecture or a class so much as a “talk in heaven”. A “talk” because the 10 of us spoke as much as Michael, and “heaven” because we found ourselves light-years away from our fears, our shoulds and our judgments. Michael has transformed that regular room into a creative worry free space where we all felt at ease. At ease with anything, even with our well-being and that thing they call “future”.

Being connected with my inner wisdom, that place where I am creative, that place of infinite courage and compassion… What a fantastic place to come from when you want to give love, hope and music to the people you care about… and actually everybody else as well. Even those who have hurt you and those you will never meet, because when you are connected to your well-being there is no reason to hold back, there is no more fear.

Thank you Michael for sharing in so many ways your gentleness, your wisdom and your experience with the world.

When I left Ojai, I realized the following. There is no scale. There is just us. There is just love. There is just music. Me. Now.

Time To Thrive Retreat