Caterpillar’s Advice

This week’s video is a bit of a change of pace. Caterpillar’s Advice is episode 3 of Wonderland X, a groundbreaking VR180 adaptation of Alice in Wonderland with a decidedly Three Principles twist. You may well recognize the voice of the caterpillar…

Always Already Home

Always Already Home

I had a bizarrely vivid dream last night. An old friend from school and I were involved in some sort of rebellion, undermining a police state and doing our best to stay one step ahead of whoever it was that was after us. At one point, after we’d been riding a train to get away from a failed attempt to kill us with a suitcase bomb when the train slowed and we hopped off in a strange place neither of us had ever been to before…

Why Shortcuts Are Often the Long Way Round

In a world where we are bombarded by “shortcuts to success”, it’s interesting to consider how the people who are actually at or near the top of their field, for any length of time, got there through consistent effort, over time. Join Michael, live for this reflection on what actually leads to sustainable success at work and in life!