The Power of Hope

The Power of Hope

I was teaching a seminar a number of years ago when a woman stood up, dripping with disgust, and pointed an accusatory finger at me. ‘The problem with you,’ she said, ‘is that you give people hope.’ She had a point, although in my defense it had never occurred to me that this might be perceived as a bad thing…

A Different Way of Thinking About Business

This week’s video illustrates how differently we approach our work if we’re coming from insecurity or we’re coming from inspiration. It also serves as an introduction to a brand new three week program I’ll be running this May called A Whole New Way of Thinking About Business.

Falling in Love

This Valentine’s day, listen live as I guide you on a journey into love and its many manifestations, from romantic to platonic and from an antidote to loneliness to the essence of our spiritual nature.