What Really Needs to Change?

This week’s video is an exploration of why changing circumstances, behavior, and even beliefs rarely leads to the kind of life changes people want (and what does).

On Deadlines, Pressure, Performance, and Productivity

On Deadlines, Pressure, Performance, and Productivity

I have written over a thousand blogs and written and/or contributed to over a dozen bestselling books over the past 20 years. And until a few years ago, there were two things I could absolutely guarantee would be part of my process.

First, I knew I would make my deadlines.

What About The Physical Symptoms

In this week’s video my apprentice turned colleague Nicola Bird points us upstream to our “psychological immune system” and how a little bit of understanding goes a long, long way towards helping us go beyond anxiety to “a little peace of mind”.

What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

This week’s video is excerpted from the A Whole New Way of Thinking About Decision Making video program. It’s an exploration of how easy it can be to navigate our lives when we understand the black and white nature of our own knowing.

On Being Inner-Directed

On Being Inner-Directed

When I was an actor (several lifetimes ago), I realized fairly early on that I was really good at taking direction and pretty hit or miss when it came to coming up with ideas on my own. If a director told me to play a scene as though I secretly fancied the person I was confronting, or I had just been told I had a life-threatening illness, or as though I was scared out of my wits and trying really hard not to let it show, I would feel inspired and things would come through me that made me feel like Marlon Brando, James Dean, and Robert DeNiro rolled into one.