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XCF 531

In this week’s video you can enjoy an animated story that speaks to why it is that no matter how beautiful our experience of living in tune with our deeper self may be, we inevitably forget ourselves and drift back up into our logical, conceptual mind.

Resting In Peace

Resting In Peace

Years ago, I was enjoying the book Passionate Presence by Catherine Ingram when to my surprise, I burst into floods of tears when I read the following passage…

I Knew It!

Do you trust your gut? Listen to uncover your inner wisdom and live a more intuitive life!

The Chair Analogy

The Chair Analogy

As regular readers of these blogs will know, I love a good analogy. While facts and figures can be the key to a deeper understanding of some things, I find that in conversations about our deeper spiritual nature, metaphors and analogies seem to be more helpful to more people more of the time.

So when one of the participants on this year’s Advanced Course 4.0 asked a question last week about what she could do to stay more present to this deeper self in daily life, I was delighted with the analogy that came to mind…

On Love and Fear

In this week’s video, bestselling author Anita Moorjani discusses what she learned during her near-death experience about the non-existence of fear and the continual presence of love. (You can join us for a brand new live/live-streaming program this September called Finding Freedom: A Get Out of Jail Free Card for your Life!)