Bending Time

There’s an old joke about a very clever man somehow manages to get himself up to heaven on a day pass and sits down to have a conversation with God. He asks “God, can you explain how eternity looks to you?”….

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What Can’t You Create?

Think of something you have thus far failed to achieve or create in your world…
Now answer this question: Is it because you couldn’t, you didn’t really want to, or both? This question speaks to the two primary components…

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Are You Motivated?

Years ago, I was being interviewed for a marketing website for a series that the marketing guy was doing was on networking. The question he asked was…

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What’s On Your Eyeballs?

When I used to write what was then called “The DCT” (Daily Coaching Tip), I noticed an interesting phenomenon. As I would go through my day, I would experience things as inspirations…

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The Science of Life and the Art of Living

One of the phrases I’ve used for years in promoting Supercoach Academy is “the art and science of transformative coaching”. While I haven’t particularly thought about what I meant by that phrase for a while, this past week I had the chance to reflect on it afresh. Here’s what I saw…

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The Path of Effortless Change

A number of years ago, I was approached by a TV producer asking me if I would consider doing a show on eating disorders. When I asked her how she found me, she said that I had helped a friend…

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The Aristotelian Goldilocks Principle

In his books on Nicomachean ethics, the Greek philosopher Aristotle pointed out that “a virtue is the mean between two vices”.  While we tend to think of virtue and vice in terms of “good” and “bad”, but in Aristotle’s time the term “virtue” was more closely related…

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Slamming your Hand in the Car Door of Life

I was chatting with a colleague this week and she mentioned that when she sits down with a client, one of the questions she sometimes asks them is whether or not they think they would feel better if their circumstances were different. Try this on for yourself. Think of something in your life….

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No Pressure

But what if pressure really isn’t essential for high performance? Taking it even further, what if it’s actually counter-productive, as it takes our attention out of the moment and onto ourselves?

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The Number One Enemy of Learning and Success

When I first began coaching in the early 1990’s, I nicknamed human beings as “learning monsters”, because of what seemed to me to be an innate and ferocious desire to learn that begins almost immediately after birth. First, we discover our voice

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The Momentum Formula

A couple of years ago, I was thumbing through a copy of Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership and randomly opened the book to a page that contained this “theorem” which explained why “…momentum [in business] is not a random lightning strike….

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The Possibility of Being Human

My wife and I went to see the movie “Patriot’s Day” this weekend. It’s a low-key but gripping recounting of the Boston Marathon bombing from 2013 and the subsequent manhunt that led to the death of one of the bombers and capture of the other. What struck me most…

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The 3 Principles… so what?

I was speaking with a potential new coaching apprentice a few weeks back and he asked me a question I hear surprisingly often in one form or another: “I really resonated with your books. I’ve always thought of myself as spiritual, and I get that I’m living in the feeling of my thinking, but I don’t really understand…

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Three Spiritual Truths from Louis C. K.

One of my favorite things I read over the holiday period was this little gem from the comedian Louis C.K.:
“Also please remember that the turning over of one year to another is a mental construct that bears no more weight than the things that keep us apart and in competitive categories as human beings….

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Some Reassuring Thoughts for the Year Ahead

There is an apocryphal “Chinese curse” which has been shared as both “May you live in an interesting age” and “May you live in interesting times.” If you’re finding the times we’re living in “interesting”, here are a few thoughts…

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Creating 2017

For more than twenty years, I’ve had a ritual of bringing one year to a close and opening up a new one through a process of review, insight, and creation. For many of those years I’ve used….

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