What’s Your Superpower?

About six months ago, Professor Anthony Kessel, a colleague and friend, approached me about co-authoring an article about the principles behind the human experience for a mainstream medical journal in the UK…

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Dear Tim Ferriss, part two

In part one of this blog (click here if you missed it), I posed a question:

How can I best learn from the wisdom and experience of others without discounting what I’ve learned from my own experience and the wisdom of my soul?….

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Dear Tim Ferriss, part one

I have a kind of a love/hate relationship with Tim Ferriss. On the one hand, he impresses the hell out of me, and he’s my son’s favorite writer/podcaster. On the other hand, he’s one of the few people who my thinking goes into overload reading…

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The Ultimate Gift of Gratitude

I’ve never been terribly good at giving thanks. One of the more infamous stories from my childhood involved my saying, “Thank you for the yucky present” to my favorite aunt and uncle which while it does get me points for honesty seems a bit churlish in retrospect….

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Does Setting Goals Actually Help?

I am in the midst of a renovation project – the renovation of one of my early books, Supercoach, from how things looked like to me a decade ago to how they look to me now. Here’s a section from the chapter “The Problem With Goals”…

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Deadlines, Pressure, and Performance

I’ve been spending a lot of time of late thinking about pressure – the feeling of having to get on and do or achieve something lest some gradually closing in on you monster reaches up out of the darkness and eats you alive…

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Two Surprisingly Unsurprising Keys to Long-term Success

Over the weekend, I had a chat with someone who used to run his own advertising agency and is now the creative director for a much larger agency. He was saying that while the big agencies obviously have an edge in terms of being able to recruit and pay over the odds for top talent, the real edge they have..

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Intention vs. Volition

One of the questions that has been fascinating me in my work as both a coach and business owner over the past couple of years is this:
How do we create in a world where we are not in control? In last week’s blog, I pointed to two key elements that seem to always be present in any answer to this question…

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Love and Productivity, part two

During one of the early sessions in our Falling in Love With Your Business program, one of the participants talked about how much they hated marketing. My co-teacher, Dr. George Pransky, responded by saying…

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Love and Productivity, part one

At the heart of our “Falling in Love with Your Business” program is an exploration of the impact of loving what you do on productivity. While it’s not a particularly contentious statement to say that people who love what they do are more productive, the deeper question is “why”?….

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Obstacle or Excuse?

Over the past year or so, I’ve been revisiting my book Supercoach: 10 Secrets to Transform Anyone’s Life, and gently rewriting it to take into account my evolving understanding of how life and the mind actually work…

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What Makes Great Coaching Great?

I spent the past couple of days in New Mexico with seven extraordinary coaches from a number of different coaching schools, most with over 20,000 coaching hours logged and with clients ranging from Google to Nasa…

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The Point of the Three Principles

In 2007, I stumbled across a description of the spiritual nature of life articulated by an enlightened Scottish welder named Syd Banks. He talked about life in terms of three principles – irreducible elements out of which everything in life is created….

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Trigger Warnings

Warning: This blog post contains ideas and covers topics that some people may find distressing. Worse still, that’s kind of the point…

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Why Not Enjoy Life?

This week’s blog is ​a fairly recent posting from another emerging voice, Brooke Bishop.  Warning – contains adult language.
If permission is what you need, then you can have it Just now I hopped into the shower and thoroughly enjoyed the overwhelming feeling….

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Intuitive Inspiration

Excerpted with permission from The He’Art of Thriving: Musings on the Human Experience by Kimberley Hare. Einstein, who was a pretty smart bloke, once said: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. But we have created a society that honours the servant, and has forgotten the gift.”

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The Pacts of Life

This week’s blog is from Supercoach Academy graduate Clare Dimond | Seduce, persuade, condition, influence, convert, win over, entice, brainwash, force, intimidate, bully, goad, incite, indoctrinate, encourage, disappoint, motivate, tempt, enrage…

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The Silence Beyond Thought

This week’s blog is excerpted with permission from One Thought Changes Everything by Mara Gleason, ©2017.
When I was 20 years old and a junior in college, I decided to do a semester abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was 2003, and Argentina was emerging from a horrible economic crash and a period of great instability. My parents urged me to pick another place to study abroad…

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Bending Time

There’s an old joke about a very clever man somehow manages to get himself up to heaven on a day pass and sits down to have a conversation with God. He asks “God, can you explain how eternity looks to you?”….

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What Can’t You Create?

Think of something you have thus far failed to achieve or create in your world…
Now answer this question: Is it because you couldn’t, you didn’t really want to, or both? This question speaks to the two primary components…

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Are You Motivated?

Years ago, I was being interviewed for a marketing website for a series that the marketing guy was doing was on networking. The question he asked was…

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