From Tiny Acorns…

In 1999, one of my mentors took me to one side and said "The problem with you is that you're too creative for your own good." Not yet sure whether to be insulted or flattered, I listened on as he continued "You come up with all of these fantastic insights, tips and...

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In Praise of “Average”

I was talking to the supercoach Steve Chandler once when he said to me, “Have an average day!” A bit taken aback, I asked him what he meant. After all, isn’t the idea to have “great” days, or even “exceptional” ones? He then told me the story of one of his mentors, a...

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Let’s Talk About Money

Money is one of the most emotionally taboo subjects in the world, with most people happier to share the details of their sex life than their bank balance. This week, Michael exposes the misconceptions that can make money seem too difficult to talk about and how an honest, open approach will change your relationship with money forever!

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