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A Different Way of Thinking About Work/Life Balance

A Different Way of Thinking About Work/Life Balance

A few weeks back I attended a wonderful weekend program with three of my favorite mentors in the inside-out understanding. George Pransky, who I have written about often in these missives, was sharing how a recent health challenge had, “through no fault of his own”, caused him to experience a depth and scope of being that was so beautiful and all-encompassing it made him question all the years of thinking and doing he had participated in up to this point in his life.

Returning to Presence

This week’s video continues the theme but comes at it in a slightly different way, pointing out that the experience of flow so many of us crave in our work and life is a natural function of presence.

Path of the Soul

This week’s video introduces one of the topics in our upcoming 3 week deep dive, Living Insightfully. It’s an exploration of the three paths people take through life, and why the path of the soul is inevitably the one people take if they’re fortunate enough to even know it’s a possibility.

Too Much to Hope For

Too Much to Hope For

Over the years, I’ve had a long and varied history with the word “hope”. For a long time, I thought of it as a kind of a toothless variant of positive thinking, keeping people mindlessly justifying all kinds of horrible circumstances in the vainglorious hope that things would magically improve all by themselves.

Reality vs Illusion

This week’s video is taken from the Coaching from the Inside-Out self-study program. It’s an exploration of why reverse engineering is inevitably a poor substitute for creating from the space where miracles happen.