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The Difference that Makes the Difference, part two

The Difference that Makes the Difference, part two

In part one of this blog, I shared what I’ve come to see as the critical differentiator between long-term sustainable success and the people and businesses who burn bright for a season or two and then lose heart, lose hope, and move on to the next thing, hoping it will be “the one”.

In order to thrive over time at whatever we do, we need to genuinely care – about the people we are with, the task at hand, the overarching mission or purpose , and our own well-being.

What it Means to Be in Love

This week’s video picks up on the theme of how connection and care are natural and only feel unnatural when we mistake our thinking about other people for the people themselves.

The Difference that Makes the Difference, part one

The Difference that Makes the Difference, part one

One of the questions I am eternally engaged with in my work is the search for “the special sauce” – the difference that makes the difference between the good and the great and between the one-hit wonder and the person or company who achieves long-term sustainable success. There are any number of books on the market that attempt to reverse-engineer the answer to this question by studying what high-achieving individuals and companies do differently and offering up a behavioral menu of options, ranging from Steven R. Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to the five keys to corporate turnaround outlined in Jim Collins business classic Good to Great.

The Limited Usefulness of Fear

This week’s video is a quick hit exploration of how you can become more fearless through a deeper understanding of what fear is and where it comes from.

What’s on Offer

This week’s video features Supercoach Academy faculty members Stef Cybichowski, Wyn Morgan, Marina Galan, and Fiona Jacob. It’s taken from one of over 120 hours of video and audio programs now available in the all new Supercoach Cafe.